Famed director Werner Herzog’s powerful new documentary about texting and driving has already reached more than 1.5 million views on YouTube and is bringing even more attention to the dangers of distracted driving. The film, “From One Second to the Next” was made in conjunction with cell phone providers AT&T and Verizon, and is being distributed in over 40,000 schools as part of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign designed to discourage the practice of texting and driving.

Although texting and driving is illegal in 41 states, the National Safety Council estimates that approximately 1.6 million accidents each year involve drivers using their cell phones and texting. Despite the overwhelming evidence that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous, countless drivers continue to hold the philosophy that they’re the exception to the rule. As evidence, take a look at the following comment from someone who viewed the documentary on YouTube:

Required viewing for drivers everywhere: 'From One Second to the Next' 1

Obviously YouTube comments tend to reveal the lowest common denominator, but it’s still frightening to think someone could fail to identify that something that is dangerous for others might also pose a serious risk to their own safety. The perception among many drivers continues to be, “Sure, texting and driving is dangerous for others, but I’m always super careful when I do it.” Unfortunately, it only takes one small slip up to render that opinion devastatingly invalid. The stories featured in the documentary, including a driver who killed three people when he collided with an Amish buggy, reveal the sobering truth that no one is immune to a moment of distraction.

As director Werner Herzog states, “Don’t text while driving. It’s as simple as that. Pull over. Do your message and then drive on.” Words every driver should live by.

The full documentary is embedded below:

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