Our Winter Charitable Donation Contest (click link to vote!), which highlights five of the finest street safety advocacy organizations in California, is off to a great start!

Next week we’re looking for even more involvement and input from the community.

We’re asking Californians to vote for which street safety organization they’d like to see win the grand prize. While each organization will receive a donation, one of these great groups will receive $1,500 that can go to changing our public policies and making wide reaching changes that make California and the Bay Area a safer place for everyone.

Right now TransFormCA is leading the pack by just one vote over MADD California. Walk San Francisco is a short distance behind those two, and Impact Teen Drivers are just behind those two, while Safe Moves has received plenty of 2nd and 3rd place votes, but could really use some first place ones to get back in the hunt.

The final tally of the votes will happen December 19th, so there’s still plenty of time to swing the results. If you haven’t voted already—go do so!

If you have, please share the contest with your friends and network. Not does it take only a minute or two to vote, but it’s a great way to be introduced to organizations with which voters may not be familiar.

In order to help promote the charities involved, we are going to be publishing interviews with each participating charity over the next week, starting Monday with MADD California director Gary MacDonald.

Click here and vote today!

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