The New York Times just reported on a fatal car crash that happened when one driver drove the wrong way on a road for nearly two miles. Normally, when someone is travelling the wrong way on a one way street, or on the wrong side of a road, it’s because they’re from out of town, aren’t familiar with the roads, and they usually figure it out after a couple blocks. But that was not the case in this situation.

As it turns out, the woman who was driving the wrong way had called her brother before getting behind the wheel to tell him that she wasn’t feeling well. He told her to stay put, and that he would come and get her, but she wasn’t sure where she was, so getting him to find her would have been difficult. The woman climbed into her car with her two children and three nieces and nephews and began driving. Somehow, she managed to drive up an exit ramp and drive the wrong way for 1.7 miles.

The driver, four of the five children in her car, and three men in the car she hit were killed. The remaining surviving child was being treated for severe head trauma and remains in critical condition.

It’s scary to think that there are drivers on the road who are as disoriented as this. The fact is that not feeling well can be as debilitating as being drunk. If a driver has a migraine, is overly tired, is emotionally distressed, or has some other ailment that is causing a slow reaction time, it is best for that driver to not get behind the wheel. Of course, many assume that they are capable of driving under these conditions and are out there on the road. This accident is a reminder to all to be cautious, defensive drivers, because some other drivers might not be capable of paying attention. Even more than that, it is a reminder to us to always be aware of our condition before getting behind the wheel so that we don’t become the driver causing the accident.

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