Jul 01 by Andy Gillin

4 Real and 5 Fictional Seinfeld Lawsuits

Gearing up for the holiday weekend, we thought it necessary to revive GJEL Accident Attorneys’ legal humor category. With that, we’ve compiled 9 Seinfeld-related lawsuits, five fictional and four real, to commemorate the 9 years the 90’s mega-sitcom fantastically mocked most aspects, significant and mundane, of real life. And the show’s take on the legal industry was no different. Check out our list.

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Jun 30 by Andy Gillin

How to Safely Cycle In The Easy Bay

Moving to the East Bay reminded your humble blogger about some basic bike safety concerns, and now I’m sharing the information and resources I found with my loyal readers.

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Jun 25 by Andy Gillin

Legal Humor—Some Seriously Funny Stuff

Every so often I hear about something that someone in the legal profession did that is so laughable that I just have to post it for the world to see. For example, when an attorney blames his car speeding. Read on for more legal humor!

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