The role of the private investigator is something that is not understood by every client, and surprisingly, not understood by many law firms.

I know that we are very proud of having some of the finest private investigators in California, and we have specific private investigators for different types of investigations.

The role is to find out before a lawsuit is filed, what happened, what happened in addition to what the police report says happened, and very often the role is also to talk to the person at fault, find out what their current version of the accident is–and their role in it–as opposed to what they told the police officer. And, if it’s inconsistent, if they’re saying something very different 30 days after the accident then they said at the time of the accident to the police officer, that is going to cut into their credibility.

Additionally, many times a police officer is short on time, has 10 minutes to write up the whole thing and get out of there as opposed to our private investigators who can take hours and hours and make sure they get it right. There are a lot of important facts that get left out of police reports that are included in a personal injury lawyers’ investigator’s reports.