There are few injuries that are more painful and more debilitating than a broken hip. In a somewhat hyperbolic headline, WebMD described a fractured hip as a “fate worse than death”. The reason is clear: a serious hip injury requires extensive medical treatment, it takes years for a full recovery, it often results in long-term complications, and it is incredibly painful.

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Unfortunately, serious hip injuries are far from rare in California. They can occur in a wide range of different accidents, from motor vehicle collisions to commercial truck accidents. While senior citizens are at the highest risk of suffering a fractured hip, any person could potentially suffer a serious hip injury. If you sustained a broken or fractured hip in an accident, it is crucial that you are represented by a qualified California personal injury attorney.

At GJEL, our California broken hip attorneys have an undisputed track record of success handling complex personal injury claims in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California.

If you or a loved one suffered a broken hip in an accident, our law firm is here to help you protect your rights and interests. We will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your legal claim and we will determine exactly what you need to do to get every penny that you rightfully deserve.

We are Dedicated California Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims with Broken Hip Injuries.

The Three Most Common Types of Hip Fractures

Not all broken hips are the same. Indeed, every hip injury requires personalized medical attention. If you suffered a fractured hip in an accident, you need to be able to get individualized medical treatment. Medical professionals must determine the precise nature of your hip injury so that you can get the proper medical and rehabilitative care. In general, there are three types of hip fractures:

Femoral neck fracture:

The most common type of broken hip injury is a femoral neck fracture. The ‘femoral neck’ is the weakest point of a person’s hip bone. It is located within a few inches of the hip joint itself. Unfortunately, this type of fracture can often lead to serious medical complications. The reason for this is because a femoral neck fracture will often restrict blood supply to the hip joint. This injury always requires emergency medical attention. The sooner you get medical help, the better your prognosis will be.

Intertrochanteric hip fracture:

While it is somewhat less common, victims also suffered an injury called an intertrochanteric hip fracture. This injury is usually a less serious injury than a femoral neck fracture. This fracture occurs further away from the hip joint. Though there are exceptions, in most cases, intertrochanteric fractures do not cut off blood flow. Still, there are no minor hip injuries, and medical attention is required.

Intracapsular fracture:

An intracapsular fracture is a breaking of the ball and socket of the hip. This is an extremely severe injury. It is notoriously difficult for doctors to repair and it is intensely painful. Victims who have sustained a serious intracapsular injury often face a lengthy physical recovery period. It is crucial that victims get emergency medical attention and the best available ongoing rehabilitative treatment.

What Factors Can Contribute to Hip Injuries?

The elderly are more susceptible to hip injuries from a fall due to issues such as balance difficulties, compromised vision, weak muscles, or medication side effects. Some factors that increase the likelihood of hip injuries are:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Long-term health conditions
  • Sex (females generally experience bone density loss at a quicker rate than males)
  • Alcohol intake
  • Insufficient illumination
  • Frozen walkways
  • Smooth carpets
  • Excessive mess

Hip Injuries Often Require Long-Term Medical Treatment

In the vast majority of cases, a broken hip requires long-term medical care. Unfortunately, these injuries can be completing debilitating. Depending on the severity of the injury, the age of the victim, and health status of the victim, a full physical recovery may prove to be challenging. Prolonged periods of immobility are relatively common during the recovery process. To make matters even more challenging, hip fractures often lead to other related medical complications. In the worst cases, victims may even need to undergo a second operation in order to fix an issue. In other cases, victims suffer severe physical trauma, including:

Painful bed sores;
Blood clots in the lower legs;
Clotting in the lungs;
Urinary tract infections; and
Other infections.

To make a maximum medical recovery, it is crucial that injured victims are able to get the best care for their broken hip. Our law firm is committed to making sure that injured victims get access to the appropriate care, and that they can recover financial compensation to pay for that treatment.

Injured Victims Deserve Full Financial Compensation

If you or a family member suffered a broken hip in an accident, it is important that you explore all of your available avenues for compensation. As hip fractures often come with a long road to recovery, injured victims must be able to access the full financial support that can be made available. At GJEL, our experienced Northern California broken hip injury lawyers have the legal skills required to help you and your family prove liability. This way, you can hold the negligent party legally responsible for your accident damages.

Beyond establishing liability, our legal team is also prepared to work aggressively to ensure that you are able to recover every penny that you are owed. Under California law, victims can seek full financial compensation from the party who was at fault for the accident. However, you will generally only be able to obtain financial relief to the extent that you can prove your damages with strong supporting evidence. Our hip fracture lawyers will help you build the strongest possible legal case. We can help you seek compensation for:

Emergency medical bills;
Ongoing medical care;
Physical therapy;
Necessary medical equipment;
Other rehabilitative care;
Incidental economic losses;
Short-term or long-term disability;
Lost current or future income;
Pain and suffering; and

Hip Injury Statistics

According to the CDC, a broken hip is among the most severe injuries resulting from a fall. Recovering from a hip fracture can be challenging, and many individuals are unable to maintain their independence afterward. With an aging U.S. population, the incidence of hip fractures is expected to rise.

Annually, over 300,000 elderly individuals—aged 65 and above—require hospitalization due to hip fractures. Falls account for over 95% of hip fractures, often occurring when a person falls sideways. Women are affected by three-fourths of all hip fractures.Falls are more common in women than men. Osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones and increases their likelihood of breaking, is more prevalent among women. The probability of sustaining a hip fracture increases with age.

Average Settlement for Broken Hip

While there is no “average” settlement for a hip injury because every case has different circumstances, GJEL has recovered millions of dollars for clients who have received a hip injury due to someone else’s negligence.

Get Help From a California Broken Hip Attorney

At GJEL, our top-rated California personal injury lawyers have deep experience handling broken hip claims. If you or a family member suffered a serious hip injury in an accident, our legal team is ready to help you fight for every dollar that you rightfully deserve.

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