GJEL has been helping victims who suffered severe burn injuries since 1971. Since this time we have helped hundreds of clients suffering from major burns and have recovered over $10 Million Dollars for our clients.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured you should talk to an attorney right away.

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Burns from Domestic / Industrial Fires and Accidents

Of course, not all fires are caused by Mother Nature, and burns may also be caused by harmful substances such as acids and other chemicals.

Home or apartment building fires may arise as a result of defective products used in constructing the buildings. Gas explosions are often caused by a variety of factors either standing alone or in combination:

  • Violations of applicable codes, standards or recommended safe practices
  • Defective products or combinations of defective products
  • Minimal or no consumer information on the safe handling and use of propane or natural gas.

The legal issues surrounding fires tend to be quite complicated. It’s generally a good idea to consult a lawyer to learn your best courses of action.

Typically burn injuries are very serious injuries. Many of them also result in wrongful death lawsuits.

Burns from Wildfires

As any California resident can attest, wildfires can be devastating to our property, health, and welfare. If you or someone you love has been burned or otherwise injured in a fire, the burn accident injury lawyers of Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey can help you win compensation for your damages.

Because wildfires are assumed to be a form of natural disaster, it is difficult to place blame in these cases. However, our attorneys use their 30+ years of experience to construct convincing arguments that demonstrate the negligence of others.

Our burn injury attorneys are well-versed in federal disaster recovery rules, and we we will obtain any federal disaster relief funding that may be available.

We invite you to call 1-855-508-9565 or email lawfirm@gjel.com to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney at GJEL if you or a loved one has been injured. We provide free consultation, and we’re paid only when we win your claim. You’ll pay no fees if we don’t obtain a verdict or settlement for you.

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If you’ve suffered from a burn injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Burn injuries can be some of the most painful and disfiguring types of injuries, and they can also result in expensive medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering. Burn injury lawyers can help you pursue the compensation you need to cover these costs and get your life back on track.

According to the American Burn Association, burn injuries affect more than 450,000 people in the United States each year. Out of these, approximately 3,400 people die from their injuries. Burn injuries can occur in a variety of ways, including car accidents, house fires, and chemical exposure. Regardless of the cause of your injury, burn injury lawyers can help you navigate the legal system and pursue the compensation you need to recover.

At our law firm, we understand how devastating burn injuries can be, and we’re here to help. Our burn injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to successfully represent clients who have suffered burn injuries. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

Burn injury lawsuits: what you need to know about burn severity

• First-degree burns: These are the mildest type of burn that only affect the outermost layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. They are characterized by redness, pain, and swelling but do not blister. Some common causes of first-degree burns include mild sunburn, brief contact with hot objects, or brief contact with hot water. According to the American Burn Association, first-degree burns usually heal within 3 to 5 days without scarring.

• Second-degree burns: These are more severe than first-degree burns and affect both the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and the layer underneath it (dermis). They are characterized by redness, pain, swelling, and blisters. Some common causes of second-degree burns include scalds, contact with hot objects, and exposure to flames. According to the American Burn Association, second-degree burns usually heal within 2 to 3 weeks and may leave scars.

• Third-degree burns: These are the most severe type of burn and can affect all layers of the skin, as well as tissues underneath the skin, including muscles and bones. They are characterized by white or charred skin, and the area may be numb due to nerve damage. Third-degree burns require immediate medical attention and may require skin grafts or other surgical procedures. According to a study published in the Journal of Burn Care and Research, third-degree burns are associated with a higher risk of infection, shock, and mortality than other types of burns.

• Fourth-degree burns: These burns are even more severe than third-degree burns and can extend beyond the skin to affect underlying muscles, tendons, and bones. According to a study published in the Journal of Burn Care and Research, fourth-degree burns are rare and usually occur as a result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures, electrical currents, or corrosive chemicals. These burns require immediate medical attention and often require surgery.


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Common burn injury causes in California burn injury lawsuits

Burns can happen in many ways. While most people associate burns with direct heat or fire, there are other ways that burns can occur.

  • Thermal Burns: Thermal burns occur when the skin is exposed to flames or hot objects.
  • Electrical Burns: Electrical burns can occur when someone comes into contact with exposed electrical wires. They can cause serious internal injuries even when the skin appears to be only slightly damaged.
  • Cold Burns: Just like heat, extreme cold can also cause burns to the skin.
  • Friction Burns: Friction burns occur when skin is dragged repeatedly over a rough surface, like in the case of road rash.
  • Chemical Burns: Chemical burns can occur upon exposure to caustic chemicals, especially in the workplace or around construction sites.
  • Radiation Burns: Exposure to radiation, whether in industrial or medical settings, can cause radiation burns.

Complications encountered in California burn injury lawsuits

Burn injuries can strip away the protective layer of skin and leave the victim susceptible to several complications.

  • Hypothermia: Burns can disrupt the body’s ability to regulate temperature, leading to hypothermia and organ damage.
  • Infection: Burn injuries can leave the victim vulnerable to infection, which can cause severe illness and even death.
  • Scarring: Burn injuries can cause permanent scarring, and some victims may not be able to have plastic surgery.
  • Failed Skin Grafts: Failed skin grafts can cause additional pain and suffering for the victim and may require further procedures.

Medical studies have shown that complications arising from burns can result in long-term health problems, including reduced quality of life, and even death. It is important to seek help from experienced burn injury lawyers like GJEL Attorneys to understand your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve.