Many people are in a difficult financial position right after a major car or motorcycle accident.

Insurance companies often try and take advantage of this by making a very low offer that is totally unfair, and then telling the person that “they are never going to offer any more.”  We have handled literally hundreds of cases in which an insurance company ultimately paid ten times more than the original offer.

Therefore, the statement by an insurance company that they are “never going to offer anything more” is usually a bluff.  We are always happy to offer a free consultation about an existing offer.  If our opinion is that the offer is indeed a good and fair one, we will always let the potential client know that.  If the offer is a true low ball offer, we then discuss with the client how much better we think we can do for them.

We’ve won significant cases against every major insurance company in California.  For a partial list of our recent insurance cases, please click here.

If you think you think an insurance company might be trying to low-ball you after a serious accident, please call GJEL Accident Attorneys at (866) 218-3776 for a free consultation about your case.