GJEL Helps Victims Who Have Been Injured in Hit and Run Accidents

If you are injured through the fault of a hit and run driver, although you may not realize it, you are probably entitled to recover money damages for your injuries or for the death of a loved one.

These money damages include compensation for medical bills and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.  This type of recovery is under a section of the typical California auto insurance policy and is called uninsured motorist coverage (also known as UM).  We have helped hundreds of California residents obtain awards under the uninsured motorist law.

If you or someone you know was injured in a hit and run contact GJEL Accident Attorneys today for a free case evaluation. We have recovered millons of dollars for victims who have been injured in hit and run accidents throughout California.

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Many Insurance Policies Protect Against Uninsured Motorists in Hit and Run Cases

Many California drivers don’t even realize that they have uninsured motorist coverage.  In fact, more than 85% of California automobile insurance policies include uninsured motorist coverage.  Furthermore, even if you do not personally own a car or carry uninsured motorist coverage, we can often obtain a financial recovery for you from the uninsured motorist policy of a relative such as a parent, child, brother, or sister with whom you live.  We can recover for you as a result of a hit and run accident regardless of whether you are a driver of a car, a passenger in a car accident, a motorcycle rider, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian.

Many of our clients did not even realize they had any rights under the California Uninsured Motorist Law when they first came to us.  Some insurance agents do not adequately inform their customers of the right to make an uninsured motorist claim, and some insurance agents even imply that by making such a claim a person’s insurance rates may go up.  This is incorrect information.  Under Proposition 103, California insurance carriers are only allowed to raise rates for an accident in which you were at found to be at fault.  If you feel you are not at fault, and your insurance company is claiming you are at fault, we will also fight that issue for you with your own insurance company.

Many California Insurance Policies Include Medical Payments

In addition to uninsured motorist coverage, most California insurance policies also include medical payments coverage.  Our office stands ready to help you coordinate any medical payments coverage you have on your auto insurance policy with other health insurance coverage such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Medicare, or Medi-Cal.

Another concern for most drivers in hit and run accidents is whether or not they can get their car repaired or replaced.  Our office will work with you to analyze your insurance policy both as to any collision coverage you may have, and as to any uninsured motorist property damage insurance you may have (UMPD).

UMPD coverage generally pays for any damage to your insured vehicle that happens in an accident caused by a known driver who has no insurance coverage.  However, it also applies to hit and run circumstances.  If you also have collision coverage, uninsured motorist property damage pays your collision deductible.  Even if you don’t have collision coverage, uninsured motorist property damage coverage pays up to $3,500.00 for repairs to your insured car.

Sometimes, individuals hurt in a hit and run accident feel that there is no hope, and that there is nothing they can do.  We are always happy to take time to explore your case with you to see whether we can be of assistance.  Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means our clients owe us nothing unless we win their case.  We have recovered over six-hundred million dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, including hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few years alone.  Many of these recoveries involved cases where the clients felt at the outset that there was no hope of recovery. Call us today for a free consultation.