Below are just a few examples of personal injury lawsuits against California insurance companies we successfully resolved on behalf of our clients since 2003.

$690,000 – 21st Century Insurance

In this auto accident case, our client suffered injuries to his right arm, along with other internal injuries, when he was struck as a result of a high-speed pursuit through Berkeley. The defendant in this case was an auto repair shop in Oakland. The auto repair shop had left the keys in a customer’s car in a high-crime neighborhood, allowing a thief to steal the car and ultimately injure our client. The case resulted in a $690,000 payment from 21st Century to our client.

$338,000 total settlement – Liberty Mutual Insurance

In this 2005 case, GJEL Accident Attorneys represented a Northern California client who sustained injury in an SUV vs. auto accident in Costa Mesa, California. GJEL auto accident attorneys successfully recovered $100,000 from Liberty Mutual as part of a total settlement of $338,000. The balance of the settlement was paid by a smaller carrier, Westport Insurance.

$575,000 – Zurich Insurance

Our client in this case was an elderly pedestrian who suffered a broken hip when she was knocked to the sidewalk by falling scaffolding at a construction site in San Francisco. Although the defendants denied responsibility for the scaffolding, GJEL Accident Attorneys used industry expert consultants and the depositions of numerous employees to show fault on the part of defendant. Our attorneys also used life care plan consultants and a video of testimony from our client’s family to confirm the severity of the injuries and the traumatic effect on her lifestyle. Zurich ultimately paid $575,000 to settle the case.

$300,000 – Kemper Insurance

In this case, GJEL Accident Attorneys represented an Oakland woman who required knee surgery after sustaining injury as a result of a car accident which occurred at a flashing red-light intersection. The defendant driver and his employer took the position that the accident was the fault of the Oakland woman, but they were not able to sustain that position after GJEL attorneys’ investigation of the case. The result of this case was a $300,000 payment from Kemper to our client.

$110,000 – Progressive Insurance

In 2005, GJEL auto accident attorneys represented the victim of a truck vs. car accident that occurred on Kirker Pass Road in Concord, California. The rear end collision was caused when a truck approaching Concord Boulevard failed to brake properly and slammed into the back of our client’s car, causing a concussion, as well as neck and back pain. Progressive paid our client $110,000 to settle the case.

$300,000 – American Eagle Insurance

This case involved a truck vs. multiple car accident on California SR 132 near Modesto. Our client suffered from severe shoulder, hip, leg, and back pain after the truck’s trailer sideswiped our client’s vehicle. American Eagle Insurance paid $300,000 to settle the case.

$120,000 – Nationwide Insurance

In 2004 GJEL represented a Berkeley woman injured in a car vs. pedestrian accident near the intersection of Ashby & Claremont in Berkeley. Our client suffered nerve damage in her foot and a bruised knee when she was struck in a marked crosswalk by the oblivious driver of an SUV.

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Andy Gillin received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California at Berkeley and his law degree from the University of Chicago. He is the managing partner of GJEL Accident Attorneys and has written and lectured in the field of plaintiffs’ personal injury law for numerous organizations. Since 1972 he has been helping seriously injured victims throughout northern California fight & win their personal injury cases. Andy is one of the top awarded & recognized wrongful death lawyers in northern California.