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GJEL Accident Attorneys: Personal Injury Lawsuits against Safeco Insurance

Below are just a few examples of personal injury lawsuits and settlements against Safeco Insurance we successfully resolved on behalf of our clients since 2003.


Our client in this 2004 car vs. motorcycle accident case was a San Leandro man who sustained significant leg injuries as a result of the accident. He was struck while riding his motorcycle when a car backed out of driveway without looking. The case resulted in a $750,000 payment, of which Safeco paid $300,000, and the driver of the car paid $450,000 out of his own pocket.


In this car accident case, an underinsured driver hit our client, an elderly man, in a head-on collision in Central California. Our client suffered a broken left arm as well as separate injuries to his left shoulder and right hand. Because the driver who hit him was underinsured, we successfully pursued a claim with our client’s own insurance company, Safeco, settling the case for $225,000, in addition to the sums we recovered from the other driver.


In this recent case, GJEL Accident Attorneys represented the victim in a truck vs. car accident that occurred on Vasco Road in Livermore. The defendant’s flat-bed truck slammed into our client’s Ford Escort head-on, causing him substantial neck and back pain. Safeco paid our client $112,500 to settle the case.