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A car accident is often traumatic. After an accident, you may be overwhelmed by emotional and physical hardships. An experienced accident lawyer can help you file a personal injury claim and demand compensation.

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Since 1972, our legal team has stood up to difficult auto insurance companies on behalf of our client’s rights. We know how important it is to get the compensation you deserve after suffering a serious automobile accident. Our law firm will use our years of experience to fight for your rights and your recovery. 

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Car Accidents in Sacramento

There were 652 speed-related accidents in Sacramento in 2019, including 362 collisions involving alcohol and 340 hit-and-runs. 

These are some of the most dangerous streets for car accidents in Sacramento County:

  • Arden Way
  • Interstate 80
  • Fair Oaks Boulevard
  • Howe Avenue
  • Franklin Boulevard
  • Broadway
  • Fruitridge Road
  • Franklin Boulevard
  • Highway 99
  • US-50 Interchange
  • Power Inn Road
  • Folsom Boulevard
  • SR-160
  • Richards Boulevard
  • Sutterville Road
  • Franklin Boulevard
  • West El Camino Avenue
  • Northgate Boulevard

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Common causes of car accidents are falling asleep while driving, running red lights or stop signs, speeding, texting and driving, and tailgating. Distracted driving is also the main cause of accidents in the area.

Distracted driving causes accidents because drivers divert their attention from the road. This distraction could be caused by using a cell phone, eating while driving, applying make-up while driving, or any number of activities.

Drunk drivers cause many traffic crashes, but when they crash, they’re usually drunk. Hit and run accidents happen when a driver crashes into someone else and then drives away without stopping. A car accident attorney can help people who’ve been injured by these types of accidents.

Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of car accidents. Potholes and uneven pavement cause drivers to lose control and crash into each other. Drivers who are injured by these accidents should contact an attorney.

Speeding is a common factor in vehicular accidents causing severe injuries and wrongful deaths. Automobile manufacturers have a legal duty to manufacture safe automobiles. One example of a defectively designed automobile is a faulty fuel system. Another example is a defective battery in an electrical car. Before an auto products lawsuit may be filed, the vehicle in question should be kept and preserved until a personal injury lawyer examines it for possible defects. To learn more about this topic, contact a reputable and highly rated personal injury lawyer in Sacramento who specializes in auto product liability cases.

What should I do after an auto accident?

Want the full scoop? Read our comprehensive article on “what should you do after a car accident here“. 

First, make sure that everyone involved is okay. Then call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Next, check if there was any damage to the vehicle. If there was, contact the insurance company and file a claim. Finally, talk to a lawyer about filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Stay at the scene of the accident. Check yourself and others at the scene for injuries. Request medical assistance if needed. Report the accident to local authorities. Exchange contact information with other drivers involved in the accident. Look for witnesses and ask them questions about what happened. Take photos of visible injuries and the accident scene.

Be consistent with medical treatment, especially when you are injured. Contact the best car crash attorney in your area for legal assistance. Don’t post about the accident on Facebook or Twitter until your bodily injury claim is settled.

Minimum Auto Insurance Required by Law In California

If personal injury damages exceed the minimum liability insurance coverage, this may be an issue. Minimum auto liability limits required in California are $15,000 per person for serious injury or wrongful death. $ 30,000 for all parties injured in the traffic accident.

$5000 property damage. Our auto accidents attorneys in Sacramento County can assist you in seeking full and fair compensation for any injuries or damages incurred. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Uninsured motorists should file claims for compensation when they are involved in accidents. Insurance companies must compensate people who are injured by other drivers’ negligence. Drivers without sufficient insurance coverage may face penalties if they cause injuries. Hit-and-run accidents are especially difficult to handle because there is usually no evidence left behind. Victims need to hire a personal injury attorney to pursue these cases.

Bodily injury claims require immediate notification from the insurer. Filing deadlines vary by carrier.

How Long Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A person who was injured by another party must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the accident. If the victim doesn’t file suit within this time period, they could lose the ability to collect damages.

Does California Allow for Punitive Damages?

California does allow punitive damages. This means that if you’re found guilty of negligence or wrongdoing, you could be punished by paying money to someone else. You may be required to pay more than what your insurance company pays out. In addition, you might be required to pay for things such as lost wages, mental anguish, emotional distress, pain and suffering, property damage, scarring, and even lost enjoyment of life.

A DUI or speeding conviction is enough to award exemplary damages. In this case, the plaintiff’s lawyer should be able to prove that the defendant was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Comparative fault laws determine who is responsible for paying damage after an accident. Fault or negligence determines who is liable for payment of damages after an accident. Negligence is determined by the degree of care exercised by the defendant. The fault is determined by the degree to which the plaintiff was negligent. The fault is apportioned among defendants according to their respective degrees of fault. To learn more about comparative fault laws, contact a top-ranked Sacramento car accident lawyer today!

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