Mar 16 by guestauthor

Signs of Road Rage: What You Can Do To Make Roads Safer

What Is Road Rage? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines road rage as “criminal act[s] of violence,” a product of aggressive driving, like tailgating, speeding, and running red lights. NHTSA credits aggressive driving with 2/3 of all driving-related fatalities. The rate of road rage incidents has risen by 51 percent since 1990, increasing by…

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Sep 10 by guestauthor

Texting While Driving: It’s Worse Than You Think

We all intuitively understand that texting while driving is dangerous – but a look at the statistics shows just how frighteningly dangerous (and pervasive) texting while driving is. According to various governmental and insurance industry studies, texting while driving accounts for 25% of all car accidents. Translated differently: that’s 1.6 million crashes, and 330,000 injuries….

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Jan 23 by guestauthor

What types of driver behavior constitute negligence?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and one party is suing the other party for injuries that were sustained during the accident then it’s most likely the suit is based on the legal theory of negligence. Negligence is when a person fails to exercise the reasonable care that an ordinary person would have…

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May 04 by guestauthor

What to Do After Chitty Chitty Meets ‘Bang, Bang’

The combined shock, fear, anger, and—heaven forbid—physical trauma associated with an auto accident are, by themselves, a lot to come to terms with at one time. Even without the accompanying complications, the various immediate stresses can be hard to take. However, the impact of a car accident does not end with the collision, or even…

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Mar 21 by guestauthor

Spring is in the Air: Be Wary of Yard Care Hazards

The weather is getting warmer and spring is just around the corner. This is the time of year when we all dust off our yard care tools and do a little spring cleaning outside. While we are busy planting gardens and mowing the lawn many of us are completely unaware of the danger. Accidents happen…

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Feb 28 by jason

Distracted Driving: Not Just a Teen Problem

Modern life is increasingly full of diversions, and some have even crept into the drivers’ seat—phone calls, text messages, on-board video displays, fast food—all can cause accidents by distracting drivers. While teenagers, new to both driving and cell phones, are often targeted as the primary perpetrators of distracted driving, the problem has long since expanded…

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Feb 02 by guestauthor

Safety trends influencing personal injury lawyers

This guest post is from Francis Hajek, a partner at Wilson & Hajek and author of the firm’s blog. The National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Administration recently released automobile safety statistics regarding safety belt use across the country.  Personal Injury lawyers like my colleagues and I at Wilson & Hajek follow studies regarding car and…

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