Dec 16 by Beckley

An interview with Impact Teen Drivers Director Kelly Browning

Impact Teen Drivers is everywhere. Preaching the importance of eliminating distracted driving online, in video and print, in the halls of power and in the halls of our local schools. In fact GJEL has helped set them up with a few local schools, where Impact Teen Drivers has spoken at assemblies and helped raise awareness. …

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Dec 06 by Beckley

Announcing GJEL’s Winter Charity Donation Contest!

Each year, GJEL serves hundreds of clients who have been injured in roadway accidents around California. Our attorneys work hard to help them repair their bodies and lives, but can only do so much after the fact. The work we do is to correct damage done, but there are plenty of admirable organizations that strive…

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Oct 04 by Beckley

Community organizations making Bay Area streets, kids, safer

Today when I cross an intersection, I still hear my parents, baby sitters and teachers telling me to “look both ways.” Those three words were reinforced by people around me throughout my childhood and now it’s as ingrained in my behavior as eating with a knife and fork. Education comes in many forms, and many…

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