May 12 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Further thoughts on liability and compensation issues for ‘self-driving’ cars

In a recent blog article, we suggested that the preferential tool for dealing with insurance, liability and compensation issues arising from the use of driverless cars would be one most in tune with, and least disruptive of, the civil justice system’s current operation. We noted that one way to implement that goal would be an…

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Apr 06 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Baby, you can drive my “self-driving” car: but what if it hits somebody?

photo credit: 2420 via photopin (license) It is clear that the object of romantic interest in the Beatles’ song never anticipated a self-driving (“autonomous”) car; but as that technology gets closer to becoming a commercial reality, minds are starting to boggle about the insurance and tort liability implications. A recent Wall Street Journal article1 opines…

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Dec 12 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Tort claimants’ liability for decedent’s pre-death medical expenses

In California tort litigation arising from a wrongful death, the question often arises as to whether plaintiff claimants bear legal responsibility for the pre-death medical expenses of their decedent. Frequently, this question arises in the context of the presentation, during litigation, of a lien by a health care provider, such as Medi-Cal, a hospital, or…

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Mar 21 by jason

How does the Affordable Care Act affect a potential settlement?

The Affordable Care Act actually gives a lot more confidence to me as an attorney in settling a client’s case because prior to the Affordable Care Act, even if I were to get a client an enormous settlement, the question is: if they were out of work and not eligible for health insurance, how are…

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Feb 28 by jason

What is uninsured motorist coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage is something you can buy from your insurance company to protect you in the eventuality that you are injured in an accident by a person without insurance. You can buy as little as $15,000 per person up to as much as $7 million per person. It is a relatively inexpensive form of…

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Feb 21 by jason

How much auto insurance do I need in California?

Very often when a client comes to see me, what they’re primarily concerned with is how much automobile insurance is owned by the person who caused the accident they were in. But I like to counsel people–when I can–on (for their own future needs) how much automobile insurance they should be carrying. Under California law,…

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Nov 22 by jason

If I’m in an accident, does it affect my health insurance coverage?

If you’re in an accident, just because you now require treatment caused by someone else’s negligence, your insurance company, even if it’s a government insurance, still has to pay for your care. With Medicare for example, you do have to prove to them that if there’s any other type of insurance that might be available…

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Nov 21 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Technology strikes again: the birth of ‘per mile’ car insurance premiums

According to, a startup company called MetroMile is launching beta testing in the State of Washington of a new product: car insurance charged on a “per mile” basis. The $14 million-funded company, the article says, gives away, free, a plug-in device (called a “Metronome”) for your car that connects to a free app. By…

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May 24 by jason

If I make an uninsured motorist claim, will my insurance rates go up?

Very often, about 15 percent of the accidents in California involve someone who was uninsured. So if you are one of those people where you were injured in an accident that’s caused by an uninsured motorist, you can use your own uninsured motorist insurance coverage to make a claim with your own company. We can…

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