Sep 13 by GJEL Staff

The complicated story behind widening Highway 1 in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz County is in the midst of a debate over how to relieve gridlock along Highway 1. Traffic congestion has continued to worsen in recent years along the four lane freeway, to the point that an 18 mile one-way commute to or from Watsonville can take in excess of an hour each way.

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Mar 28 by GJEL Staff

BART’s bond measure: aiming too low?

Over the past few weeks, BART and Los Angeles’ Metro have each made big headlines, albeit for very different reasons. In the Bay Area, BART’s ongoing mechanical problems…

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Nov 05 by jason

SF Muni Turns 100 with Weeklong Celebration

San Francisco Municipal Railway kicked off a weeklong centennial celebration on Sunday by rolling out vintage streetcars on the city’s oldest existing rail line. Over the weekend, the…

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Feb 28 by GJEL

San Francisco Muni Faulted by California PUC for Safety Violations

If you’re a regular Muni rider, you know that delays are common on weekday commutes to and from work. You might not know, however, that San Francisco’s transportation agency has routinely fallen short on safety inspections for the past year and a half, according to a report released this week by the California Public Utilities Commission. Many of the safety problems cited had to due with old and damaged tracks, which “present a public safety risk, and could resulting…possible derailments,” and automatic control systems that constitute “a serious public safety hazard.”

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Jan 07 by GJEL

San Francisco Muni to Pay $2 Million Settlement to Passenger Injured in Train Accident

Serious accidents involving city public transportation agencies always draw major headlines. After all, there are fewer fates more terrifying than being hit by a train or bus. In the past year, Portland’s TriMet public transportation agency has been plagued by numerous high-profile pedestrian accidents. And San Francisco’s Muni system has had its share of accidents causing injuries and even fatalities. In one of Muni’s most costly debacles to date, the agency agreed to settle a personal injury lawsuit filed by a passenger injured in 2008 this week for more than $2 million.

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