Jun 12 by Andy Gillin

When sharrows aren’t enough

San Francisco ambitiously seeks to expand bicycling to 20 percent of all trips by 2020. Yet, real concerns over safety remain the single greatest obstacle to expanding bicycling…

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May 27 by Andy Gillin

How dangerous is your street?

Last week we looked at the Dangerous by Design report. One of the useful features is the map tool, which overlays the locations of every pedestrian fatality in…

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May 12 by Andy Gillin

Street safety is about equity

In discussions of street safety, there is a tendency to stereotype pedestrian and bicycle advocates as hipsters, gentrifiers, yuppies, and a host of other terms that connote a…

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Apr 02 by Andy Gillin

Cities battle Caltrans over street design

As cities across California seek to build safer, healthier, greener “complete streets,” many have come into conflict with Caltrans over what constitutes an acceptable (and legally defensible) design….

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Jun 20 by Andy Gillin

Quick video tips for urban cycling

The team at Grist has put together a nice little video of “biking basics for folks who’ve always wanted to ride, but didn’t dare.” Although a lot of…

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Apr 03 by Andy Gillin

And the unhappiest job in America is…

After compiling over 65,000 company reviews during 2012 and evaluating multiple factors that influence an employee’s job satisfaction, CareerBliss released their list of the happiest and unhappiest jobs…

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Feb 01 by Andy Gillin

Don’t Call The Big Game ‘Super’

Heading into this week’s Super Bowl big game, Samsung has decided to poke a bit of fun at the fact advertisers aren’t allowed to mention the NFL’s trademarked…

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Nov 05 by Andy Gillin

SF Muni Turns 100 with Weeklong Celebration

San Francisco Municipal Railway kicked off a weeklong centennial celebration on Sunday by rolling out vintage streetcars on the city’s oldest existing rail line. Over the weekend, the…

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Aug 31 by Andy Gillin

Making the bike a family vehicle

Behold, the bicycle minivan. Last week the Bay Citizen featured an article on how some San Francisco parents are opting to make the bike a family vehicle. The…

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