On the morning of Wednesday, April 24th, a sudden explosion shattered the calm in Daly City, California.

At approximately 10:15 a.m., a Toyota sedan was blown apart in the area of Skyline Drive and Westline Drive, with the blast being heard from miles around. Thankfully, no one was injured in this startling incident, which police have determined to be accidental and isolated.

a car accident with a crane on the side of the road

Authorities quickly responded to the scene, with bomb squad members meticulously examining the wreckage. Among the items pulled from the car was a propane tank, which likely played a key role in the explosion. Helen Nicely, a local resident, compared the noise to bomb blasts she remembered from her childhood in England during the IRA terrorist attacks.

The Daly City Fire Department, along with investigators from the FBI and the ATF, were brought in to thoroughly investigate the cause of the explosion. Their efforts included reviewing home surveillance footage that captured the explosion and its aftermath, which rattled the neighborhood.

One resident, Glenn Ibarrientos, recounted his experience: “It was loud, I mean people heard it all the way up the block, everyone just went out at the same time – our neighbor said ‘what was that, was that an earthquake?'”

Despite the dramatic nature of the explosion, there was no one in the car at the time, and there appears to be no other damage to nearby properties. This has left residents puzzled as to why a propane tank was inside the vehicle in the first place.

“It’s kind of weird, why you would have a propane tank in a car like that sitting there. It’s not hot temperatures, you’re trying to think of what things can detonate a propane tank,” Ibarrientos added.

Legal Take

Attorney Andy Gillin of GJEL Accident Attorneys offered his perspective on the incident, emphasizing the importance of understanding liability in such cases.

“While it’s a relief that no one was injured in this explosion, the presence of a propane tank in a car raises significant safety concerns. Liability in this case would likely fall on the car owner, especially if the tank was improperly stored or maintained. It’s crucial for vehicle owners to be aware of the risks associated with carrying hazardous materials.”

Understanding Liability in Accidental Explosions

Accidents involving hazardous materials like propane tanks can have serious legal implications. If you are involved in such an incident, understanding who is liable is critical.

Generally, the owner of the vehicle may be held responsible if it’s found that negligence or improper handling of the hazardous material contributed to the accident. This can include failing to secure the tank properly or not following safety regulations.

Thankfully Incidents Like These Are Not Common

The explosion in Daly City serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of carrying hazardous materials in vehicles. It is fortunate that no one was injured in this incident. However, it underscores the importance of proper storage and handling of such materials to prevent future accidents.

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