Mar 19 by jason

18-year-old required to refrain from saying ‘bingo’ for 6-month period

Much like you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater, it would appear yelling “bingo” in a crowded bingo hall is also off the table. Earlier this week a Kentucky judge sentenced an 18-year-old accused of second-degree disorderly conduct to refrain from using the word “bingo” for the next six months as part of…

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Jun 17 by GJEL

Best Fictional Lawyers Bracket Predictions

It’s always fun to see lawyers portrayed on television. Some, like Law & Order’s Jack McCoy or Matlock’s Ben Matlock illustrate the most virtuous aspects of the justice system. Others, like Arrested Development’s Barry Zuckercorn or Lionel Hutz from The Simpsons essentially wrap up decades of lawyer jokes into one succinct character. To help separate the wheat from the chaff, legal tabloid blog Above the Law has developed a bracket of their readers’ favorite fictional lawyers. Click through for my predictions.

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Jun 06 by GJEL

List of Lawsuits in The Simpsons – Featuring Lionel Hutz

On the air for more than 20 years, the iconic family cartoon sitcom “The Simpsons” has covered just about every topic you can think of. So it’s no surprise that the show has addressed – and mocked – many legal issues. In fact, The Simpsons has managed to cover personal injury law, sexual harassment, false advertising, criminal law, food safety, copyright law, and more. While the plots of these episodes themselves are hilarious, they wouldn’t be quite as great without shuckster attorney Lionel Hutz (Phil Hartman). We’ve compiled a list of our favorite lawsuits in the Simpsons, in chronological order.

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Feb 01 by GJEL

Most Unlikely Courtroom Comedies

Last week, we brought you some of the most absurd attempts of replicating judicial in the most unlikely courtroom dramas. Ranging from Chicago to Miracle on 34th Street, it was clear that film writers are comfortable fudging the facts and realities when it comes to telling a compelling story. Not surprisingly, the same is true for legal comedies… to an even more outlandish extent. But since comedies typically aren’t bound by realism or attention to detail, the freedoms taken in the films described below are perhaps more forgivable than those taken in courtroom dramas. Take a look at our list, ranging all the way from Legally Blonde to Ghostbusters II.

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Jan 19 by GJEL

Most Unlikely Courtroom Dramas

I’m a total sucker for legal dramas. When done well, it’s a great format to build suspense and make important social statements. When done poorly, courtroom dramas can range from painful, to hilarious, to downright irresponsible with facts and details of legal procedure. Unfortunately, courtroom dramas are often absurdly bad, so we decided to take a look at some of the films with the most unlikely courtroom scenes relating to courtroom procedure, attorney conduct, or legal realities. Take a look, and let us know what we missed in the comments.

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Nov 23 by GJEL

5 Bizarre Injuries to Avoid This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to reconnect with family and friends, reflect on the past year, and eat some delicious food. But it also comes with a unique set of dangers that could lead to serious injuries. Some of the more common holiday injuries are the result of car accidents due to bad visibility and adverse road conditions, but the season also carries the possibility of some unexpected incidents. Who knew, for example, that gift wrap was the cause of thousands of injuries each year? And shopping for gifts at the mall can even lead to injuries. It’s no surprise that George Costanza’s father swore off the holidays altogether in deciding to celebrate Festivus after he accosted a man shopping for the same gift. As Frank describes it, “As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way.” And when you consider the complete list of bizarre holiday injuries, Frank’s frustration becomes even more understandable.

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Oct 05 by GJEL

TV Lawyers: The Good, The Bad, & The Criminal

Since TV first hit households more than a half-century ago, legal dramas and legal comedies have been two of the most consistent and quality genres. Legal dramas have pointed out (and probably embellished) the heroic and filthy aspects of the legal system and lawyers who operate within it. Comedies have fulfilled a similar function, but often through the lens of bumbling, feckless attorneys. The list below looks at some of the most prolific television attorneys since the networks began making legal programs. Some have been great, some have been terrible, and some have been downright criminal. But all have been entertaining.

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Sep 15 by GJEL

10 Social Media & Law Fails

The rise of social media, and the Internet as a whole, has fostered the ability to connect with old friends, professional acquaintances, and distant family members. It also creates the possibility for a whole new world of social media quandaries that could lead to massive lawsuits. Whether its Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or Yelp, users of every major social media website have run into unique legal problems. And it doesn’t always end up pretty for the little guy. Below is a list of ten epic social media #Fails that have led to major lawsuits.

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Aug 20 by GJEL

Legal Humor Roundup: Battle of Television’s Greatest Lawyers

Since this blog focuses mostly on consumer safety, there’s not much opportunity to write about legal humor. But there’s a lot to go around, and every once in a while (especially on a Friday), it’s nice to dive in and see what has made blawgers chuckle recently. This week, the “Battle of Television’s Greatest Lawyers,” outlawed eye-rolling, and toad lickers.

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Jul 01 by GJEL

4 Real and 5 Fictional Seinfeld Lawsuits

Gearing up for the holiday weekend, we thought it necessary to revive GJEL Accident Attorneys’ legal humor category. With that, we’ve compiled 9 Seinfeld-related lawsuits, five fictional and four real, to commemorate the 9 years the 90’s mega-sitcom fantastically mocked most aspects, significant and mundane, of real life. And the show’s take on the legal industry was no different. Check out our list.

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