GJEL Accident Attorneys is a California personal injury law firm that specializes in serious injuries like herniated disc injuries. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases involving serious injuries with a 99% success rate. Since 1971 GJEL has recovered over $10 Million Dollars for our clients suffering from these injuries.

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Do You Have a Herniated Disc Injury?

Herniated discs constitute a serious medical condition in which the spinal discs become injured and protrude out of the spinal column, resulting in a pinched nerve. A number of terms are used to describe herniated discs, including pinched nerves, bulging discs, sciatica, and slipped discs. Because most herniated discs are the result of an accident or other injury, a Northern California herniated disc lawyer from our firm may be able to recover monetary damages on the victim’s behalf. We invite you to call or email us for a free consultation.

A herniated disc causes pains throughout the body, often described as shooting pains up and down the legs or through the torso. Because a herniated disc is often difficult to detect it is important to undergo a thorough medical examination after an accident or injury. Pain from a herniated disc may not be apparent; injury victims should monitor their bodies for any developments and should not hesitate to see a doctor numerous times.

Because it is likely that an external cause resulted in your herniated disc, you may be legally entitled to claim monetary damages for that injury. Our office has successfully won claims that have paid for medical bills, insurance costs, therapy, mental distress, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. Our San Francisco and Northern California herniated disc attorneys will not settle for anything less than the maximum damages owed our clients.

GJEL’s Has Extensive Experience Dealing With Herniated Disc Injuries

The law firm of Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis,  Larsen & Lucey has over thirty years of practice in legal herniated disc accident cases in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Our Northern California herniated disc lawyers are available for a free assessment of your potential herniated disc lawsuit.

Our firm charges nothing until we win your case; our fee is a small preset amount of your award. We do not receive payment if we lose your case, and we never present our clients with hidden fees or charges. The Northern California herniated disc attorneys at our firm will work hard at settling your case for the maximum possible award.

If you or someone you love has a herniated disc a physical examination and extensive medical testing are required. Tests that can detect herniated discs include a combination of MRI and CT scans. Diagnosis by a spinal care professional is essential.

The law firm of Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey has recovered significant settlements for our clients that covered medical bills and lifelong therapies. Contact one of our San Francisco and Northern California herniated disc lawyers for a free case evaluation today.

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