GJEL Accident Attorneys: Personal Injury Lawsuits against AAA / CSAA Insurance

Below are just a few examples of personal injury lawsuits against AAA / CSAA Insurance we successfully resolved on behalf of our clients since 2003.


GJEL Accident Attorneys represented a high school senior who suffered a closed head injury after experiencing a left turn car accident. The plaintiff suffered memory problems as a result of the accident that interfered with her success in college and subsequent career. The plaintiff recovered a total of $290,000 from insurance companies ofthe at fault driver and also her own insurance company, CSAA. GJEL helped to demonstrate through written reports and deposition testimony, the extent of the closed head injury and the effects on the plaintiff’s cognitive abilities.


In this case, GJEL helped a full time college professor who had to give up her position at the college due to lasting effects from a rear end freeway car accident in Washington State. The claimant recovered $225,000 from her own insurance company, CSAA, in addition to the $50,000 she recovered from the insurer of the at-fault party. GJEL obtained pre- and post-accident employment records, interviewed treating physicians, obtained medical reports, and attended numerous depositions of medical experts prior to obtaining the settlement. This recovery was obtained despite the fact that the claimant suffered from a significant level of disability, including partial paraplegia, prior to the rear end car accident.


GJEL injury attorneys represented a woman injured as a passenger in the rear seat of car in an auto accident on Highway 24 in Oakland. Our client suffered a broken arm as a result of the high-speed rear-end accident. The end result was a $250,000 recovery for our client from AAA.


In this 2003 case, GJEL accident attorneys represented two clients who suffered serious head injuries in an auto accident near Modesto, California. Our two clients were riding in a pickup truck when an oncoming pickup truck lost control and broad-sided them, causing each to suffer a closed head injury. GJEL’s attorneys recovered $225,000 from AAA for our clients.


In this case, GJEL accident lawyers represented two victims of a motorcycle accident on the Silverado Trail in Napa County. Our clients suffered injury when they were struck by by an elderly man driving a large car. GJEL accident attorney Jim Larsen successfully obtained the full limits of the defendant driver’s insurance policy with AAA.


In this recent case, GJEL attorneys represented the victim of a late-night accident on Interstate 280 in San Francisco. The rear-end collision caused our client to suffer a back injury, as well as a broken ankle. Our accident attorneys were able to show that the defendant driver was driving at a speed too high for conditions, and recovered $150,000 for our client from AAA.

$285,000 (part of larger settlement)

GJEL’s clients in this case were two victims of a pedestrian vs. auto accident in San Francisco. Both of our clients were struck in a crosswalk by an underinsured driver. After a slow initial reaction by CSAA, our lawyers successfully settled the case with our client’s insurance company for the above amount. This underinsured motorist settlement was in addition to a settlement with Farmers Insurance on behalf of the driver who caused the accident.