Fish Ranch FireThere’s a fire burning right now along Highway 24 at Fish Ranch Roadin Contra Costa County, on the hils near the Caldecott Tunnel. The Fire was reported around 3:00 PM today, and as of 4:00 PM has burned about 30 acres.

Officials say that cool temperatures are helping, but that the strong winds are not. A helicopter and a air tanker have been called in and a units from surrounding agencies were on the scene or staging.

Despite the fire, traffic seems to be moving at usual speed

Update: 4:43 pM: The Fish Ranch Road exit has been closed, but traffic on Highway 24 is unaffected

Update: 5:15 PM: Officials say they have the fire out. They will remain on the scene for the next 24 hours to keep a look out for hotspots.

Live News Coverage of the Fire:

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