GJEL’s Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract

This contract is intended to help initiate conversation about roadway safety, especially for teen drivers and their passengers. The agreement covers six areas pertaining to distracted driving, driving under the influence, driving a vehicle with minors, speeding and other rules of the road, and auto accidents. Each section includes specific pledges to prompt family discussion, and we suggest parents and teens sign to seal the agreement.

Ideally, parents and teens should come to an agreement about an award that the teen driver will receive if each of the sections of the contract are obeyed. This way, the contract will serve the interests both of parents and their teen driver. For parents, it will provide insurance that their teen driver will obey the rules set by police and family authorities. For teens, it will help them drive safe and also serve as a road map toward the reward that has been determined in discussion with their parents.

Recent scientific studies have shown that even if teenagers intend to stay safe behind the wheel, the chemistry of teen brain development prevents this outcome in certain circumstances. The brain’s frontal lobe, for example, the section credited for motor skills and avoiding risks, develops last, meaning that it is not fully mature during the teenage years. The parent-teen safe driving contract can help assure that despite their brain chemistry, the teen driver will always stay safe behind the wheel.

The GJEL Accident Attorneys Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract is available in both PDF and editable Microsoft Word format to help families adjust the content to their individual situations.

Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract 1

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Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract 2

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Andy Gillin

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