No Minimum Settlement for Personal Injury Cases in California (GJEL Accident Attorneys)

  • Settlements Vary Based on Case Details: Injuries, Medical Bills, Lost Wages, etc.
  • Hire an Attorney to Maximize Value: Complexities & Negotiations (Free Consultation).

Read the full article for details on factors affecting personal injury settlements in California. Learn why hiring a personal injury attorney from GJEL Accident Attorneys can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

No, there is no minimum guaranteed settlement amount in personal injury cases. Each case is unique, and some may not result in any settlements. The settlement amount depends on various factors such as the extent of injuries, medical expenses, and loss of income. Some personal injury cases do not offer any settlements but others may over multi million dollar verdicts or settlements. Hiring a personal injury attorney can help maximize the value of your case.

Some personal injury settlements can be small

Theoretically, a person could settle their case for one dollar or fifty cents. In the real world, perhaps the question is, “If I have a very very small injury–let’s say I hurt my neck–I got checked out in the emergency room, took some Aspirin for three days and I’m fine, and the only bill I had to pay was a fifty dollar deductible to my health insurance. Am I going to be able to find a lawyer?”

Typically I would say no. You probably won’t be able to find a lawyer. Because–at least speaking for myself–it kind of doesn’t make any sense for either you the client, or for me. So there’s no minimum amount.

What if the accident is a minor one? Can I negotiate the settlement myself?

On the other hand, if the accident is that minor, and the other person’s at fault, there’s no reason for you not to call up the other person’s insurance company and just negotiate a small settlement on your own.

Written by Andy Gillin. Last Updated 04/15/2024