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We have recovered over 10 Million Dollars for clients who have been injured or killed due to the negligence of someone else.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident it’s important that you seek treatment right away. Sometimes the symptoms from head injuries do not show right away but can be life-threatening.

A bicycle rider going down the street in San Francisco

Most Common Type of Bike Accidents in San Francisco

Here is a list of the most common types of bike accidents we see in the city.

  • Dangerous Street Conditions. Whether it’s a pothole that should have been filled, a construction site that was not properly labeled or, obstacles there are dangerous street conditions in San Francisco every day.
  • Drivers Dooring Bikers. Although not intentional door accidents happen every day in major cities. This is because commuters leaving cabs or Uber cars are typically in a hurry and don’t have a rear view mirror to look in when quickly exiting a vehicle. When this is timed with a biker passing at the same time it’s a recipe for disaster. The drivers and passengers are responsible for checking before opening a door.
  • Car and Truck vs. Bicycle Crashes. Sometimes drivers are distracted and not paying enough attention while behind the wheel. In bigger commercial trucks this is a bigger issue because of the size of the truck.

Why is San Francisco Dangerous for Bikers?

Due to the confusion of San Francisco’s metropolitan areas, poor areas of construction, and distracted drivers, San Francisco is one of the most dangerous cities to ride a bike in California.

In addition to this, the sheer number of public and private transportation vehicles on the roads is a recipe for disaster.

If you add the rental bikes such as Lime and Jump bikes to the equation you now have inexperienced tourists visiting the city on bikes as well.

If You’re Injured Seek Treatment

Bicycle accidents can be serious and cause serious injuries or death. If you’re injured in a bicycle accident you should seek immediate medical attention and then call GJEL Accident Attorneys for a free case evaluation.