May 01 by jason

Mandatory helmet law gutted. Now what?

Good news out of Sacramento: S.B. 192, Senator Liu’s disastrous law mandating helmets and reflective gear for bicyclists, was gutted thanks to strong backlash from bicycle advocates across the state. In its place, Senator Liu has proposed a study of the effectiveness of helmet use: “The Bill would require the Office of Traffic Study (OTS),…

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Apr 08 by jason

Vote ‘No’ on S.B. 192

At GJEL, we’re very supportive of wearing bicycle helmets. We’ve seen countless victims hit by drivers while bicycling whose lives were saved by helmets, and others not wearing helmets who’ve experienced significant injuries or lost their lives. We’ve sponsored free helmets for kids and rarely ride without them. However, we’re writing today to explain why…

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Sep 22 by jason

Governor Brown vetoes SB 1151, a bipartisan school zone safety bill

Last Friday, Governor Brown vetoed SB 1151, a bill that would have increased traffic fines in school zones and used these funds for active transportation investments. The bill had unanimous, bipartisan support in both houses and all legislative committees and was a strong priority for Safe Routes to Schools advocacy groups. This veto is extremely…

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Aug 03 by jason

San Francisco ponders mileage based tax for drivers

In a move that’s sure to raise privacy concerns and spark paranoia among Bay Area residents, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is exploring the idea of implementing a mileage based usage fee for drivers. The initiative, initially endorsed by a bipartisan Congressional commission in 2009, would charge drivers for “vehicle miles traveled,” increasing revenue for street…

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Jul 26 by jason

Metropolitan Transportation Commission votes down “Free Muni for Youth” campaign

Remember when we said the bright spot in the new San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) budget was a pilot program that would provide low-income children with free transit passes? Well, it looks like that’s not going to happen after all. Yesterday the Metropolitan Transportation Commission voted against funding the project, effectively killing the program…

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