Aug 25 by GJEL

Fatal San Francisco Muni Bus Accident Highlights Dangerous Left Turns

We’ve written a lot on this blog about the tragic result of San Francisco bus accidents. In the past, fatal Muni bus accidents have cost the city millions in lawsuit settlements, and most importantly, have claimed the lives of far too many San Francisco residents. Over the weekend, new city dweller Emily Dunn was struck and killed by a Muni bus in the city’s Castro District. The police report indicated that Dunn was struck 95% into the crosswalk by a Muni Bus making a left turn, an action that is commonly cited as unsafe.

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Jun 28 by GJEL

San Francisco Wrongful Death Lawsuit Brings Record Muni Settlement

A string of high-profile multi-million dollar settlements against the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency indicates that the city would save millions in the long run by putting forward funds to improve street safety for cyclists and pedestrians. This point was underscored last week by a record $5.36 million Muni settlement for a 2008 Muni accident that killed cyclist David Wheeler near Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

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Jun 08 by GJEL

DriveCam Technology Reduces San Francisco Muni Bus Accidents

It’s always fun to write about good news related to traffic safety in San Francisco. That pleasure comes this week as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency reports that in 2010, Muni bus accidents dropped 50 percent below the previous year. The improvement is attributed to a new camera installed in all Muni busses in November 2009 to record the cause of Muni accidents and monitor dangerous driving behavior of Muni operators. The 50 percent drop in bus accidents is an indication that the DriveCam will have a serious positive impact on San Francisco traffic safety.

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May 26 by GJEL

San Francisco Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed for Bus Accident

We wrote yesterday about the new “Dangerous by Design” report by Transportation for America, which found that pedestrian accident deaths make up 51 percent of all San Francisco traffic fatalities, more than four times the national average. The husband of the victim of a 2010 Mission Street bus accident filed a wrongful death lawsuit Monday against San Francisco Muni, saying the driver of a 14 Mission bus was unwrapping a candy bar when she failed to see 49-year-old Scott Whitsett crossing the street. When the operator, Kimberly Faye Johnson, saw Whitsett, she allegedly hit the accelerator instead of the brake by mistake, which led to the collision. This incident marks the newest in a string of serious injuries and wrongful death lawsuits that show a clear need for San Francisco to improve street safety.

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Apr 08 by GJEL

Distracted Driving Highlights Major Problems with San Francisco Muni Bus Accidents

What would you do if your bus driver was texting while driving? If you’re anything like San Francisco resident Shawn Higgins, who saw a bus driver texting on the 24 Divisadero bus, you’d try to stop it. Though Higgins was backed by other riders, her confrontation did not go over well with the driver, who “took out her iPhone and started recording us. On the bus. And saying ‘I’m going to show you. I’ll never pick you up again a—hole.'” In past years, San Francisco bus drivers have repeatedly been caught acting irresponsibly, highlighting the importance of reforming the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency’s policy toward its staff.

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