Dec 20 by Beckley

Congratulations to the winner of our first Winter Charity Contest!

The votes are in, counted, and recounted! We are very happy to announce that TransFormCA will receive the grand prize of $1,500 after winning nearly 40 percent of the first place votes. We know that the money will be put to great use by this growing organization. People connected with their work to make Alameda…

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Dec 13 by Beckley

An interview with TransFormCA program director Nora Cody

TransFormCA is one of the leading voices in transportation reform in the Bay Area. Based in Alameda county, TransForm operates on a number of levels, both in the community as leaders of the Safe Walks to School movement, and through advocacy work in the local halls of power. They are also one of the five…

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Dec 06 by Beckley

Announcing GJEL’s Winter Charity Donation Contest!

Each year, GJEL serves hundreds of clients who have been injured in roadway accidents around California. Our attorneys work hard to help them repair their bodies and lives, but can only do so much after the fact. The work we do is to correct damage done, but there are plenty of admirable organizations that strive…

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