$105,000.00 Recovered for Four Car Collision in the city of Pittsburg, County of Contra Costa, State of California.

Four car collision in the city of Pittsburg, County of Contra Costa, State of California 1

About the Case

In June 2014, our client was driving on East Leland Road, in the City of Pittsburg, County of Contra Costa.  She was driving a 1996 Honda Accord when she was struck in the rear by a 22-year-old driver in a 1998 Toyota 4Runner. 

That rear-end collision forced her into the car in front of her and that car was forced into the car in front of it.  Our client was obeying the road rules at the time of this accident. She was seriously injured and her children in the car had less serious injuries. Due to the loss of work and medical bills, she was left in a state of uncertainty. 

Case Facts

The GJEL Accident Team sprang into action and determined that there were no excuses for the accident and there were no adverse road or weather conditions. The other driver was insured by Farmers Insurance and our client was insured by Geico Insurance. She was transported from the accident to John Muir Hospital in the City of Concord, where she had an emergency room visit. She was then followed up by John Muir Physicians. She received physical therapy for some time and missed a substantial amount of work. Based on this information, she reached out to GJEL Accident Attorneys to see if she was entitled to compensation and to have her questions answered.  She wanted to know:

  1. Who’s responsible for my medical bills?
  2. How will I pay these bills and deal with my loss of work?
  3. What if I have permanent, lifelong damage to my body?

The staff at GJEL Accident Attorneys were quickly able to evaluate the case and she came into the main GJEL Accident Attorneys office in Orinda, CA in order to get started. Our staff started a full investigation, which included getting the police report and a supplemental police report from the Pittsburg Police Department. Then our in-house investigators began contacting witnesses and were able to establish that this accident was 100% the fault of the other person.

Our client had significant pain in her face and neck, as did her child who was in the car. Our clients were treated at Kaiser Hospital Antioch branch for follow-up treatment. The case ultimately settled for the maximum policy limit of $100,000.

Because the insurance carrier for the person at fault was of the opinion that the injuries were not serious enough to warrant a significant expenditure, GJEL Accident Attorneys filed a lawsuit in Contra Costa County Superior Court and began the litigation process. Attorney Jim Larsen helped our client through this difficult time and ultimately was able to settle the case prior to trial. The case took seven months to settle and in the end, our client was awarded $100,000.

Insurance Company Names:    Farmers Insurance
Geico Insurance
Police Report  Pittsburg CHP
Vehicle Types  1996 Honda Accord
1998 Toyota 4Runner
1997 Mercedes
2002 Ford SUV
Accident Locations:East Leland Road, in the City of Pittsburg, County of Contra Costa
Hospitals and Medical Centers Visited Kaiser Antioch, Bay Point Family Health Center, Antioch Health Center, Sutter Delta Medical Center, Contra Costa Reginal Medical Center, Concord Health Clinic
Types of Injuries (Specific as possible) Headaches, concussion, memory loss, anxiety, neck and lower back pain

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Andy Gillin received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California at Berkeley and his law degree from the University of Chicago. He is the managing partner of GJEL Accident Attorneys and has written and lectured in the field of plaintiffs’ personal injury law for numerous organizations. Since 1972 he has been helping seriously injured victims throughout northern California fight & win their personal injury cases. Andy is one of the top awarded & recognized wrongful death lawyers in northern California.