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Accident Overview

On June 8, 2013, at 9:07 am, our client was riding his bicycle in unincorporated Napa County on Trancas Street at the intersection with South Bound, CA, Highway 29. Our client was obeying the rules of the road while riding his bicycle when an automobile driver hit our client, causing a serious accident. The accident resulted in the loss of work, serious injuries, and large medical bills, leaving our client in a difficult situation.

About the Accident

This was a vehicle versus bicycle accident that resulted in serious injuries for our client due to the other driver’s negligence. The driver of the other car was driving a 2007 BWM 335 series. 

There were no adverse road conditions and the accident happened when the driver left their lane and entered our client’s lane.

After the accident, our client suffered multiple lacerations to the side of his body.  He was transported by way of American Medical Response ambulance to Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa, CA, where he underwent diagnosis and treatment for serious lacerations. The driver of the car that caused the accident was insured by California Automobile Insurance Company.

Case Facts

Our client needed ongoing medical treatment including wound treatment and physical therapy after he was released from the hospital. Our client missed a significant amount of work and was charged large medical bills from this accident. Based on this information, he reached out to GJEL Accident Attorneys to see if he was entitled to compensation and to have his questions answered. He wanted to know:

  1. Who is responsible for my medical bills?
  2. How will I pay these bills and the loss of work?
  3. What if I have permanent lifelong damage to my body?

The staff at GJEL were able to quickly evaluate the case over the phone and offered to represent the client. 

Based on the serious injuries from this accident and the mounting medical bills, our client decided to retain GJEL Accident Attorneys to help get life back on track after this tragic accident.

The staff at GJEL started a full investigation which started with getting the police report from the Napa County Sheriff’s Department. The police report showed that the other driver was 100% at fault and responsible for the accident.

Our client initially attempted to settle the case himself, dealing directly with the insurance company. He was offered $12,500. He realized that this was nowhere near sufficient given his medical bills and injuries. GJEL Accident Attorneys determined that this was a case where filing a lawsuit and moving toward trial would result in a recovery.

Attorneys Jim Larsen and Andy Gillin helped our client through this difficult time and ultimately were able to settle this case before trial. The case took approximately 11 months to resolve. In the end, our client was awarded $212,500 by California Automobile Insurance Company after aggressive representation.

Insurance Company Names:    CSAA
Police Report  Napa Police Department
Vehicle Types  2007 BWM 335
Accident Locations:Trancas Street at the intersection with South Bound CA Highway 29, unincorporated Napa County
Hospitals and Medical Centers Visited American Medical Response, Queen of the Valley Hospital
Types of Injuries (Specific as possible) Multiple lacerations
Tear to his labrum – will need surgery
Permanent limp due to bursitis

What should I do if I sustain bicycle accident injuries involving a vehicle?

If you’re involved in a bicycle collision with a vehicle, it’s important to take quick and appropriate action to protect your rights and well-being. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Seek medical attention: Check for any injuries and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Keep a record of all medical expenses incurred due to the collision.
  2. Document the scene: Take photos of the collision scene and make note of important details such as the location, the time, and any witnesses present.
  3. Notify the authorities: Call the police and file a report. The report can be used as evidence in any future personal injury claim or lawsuit.
  4. Contact a lawyer: An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you understand your rights and determine the best course of action for seeking compensation for your damages, such as a settlement with the liable motorist or filing a lawsuit.
  5. Preserve evidence: Do not discard any damaged clothing or personal belongings, as they may be important pieces of evidence.

Remember that when involved in a bicycle collision with a vehicle, it’s important to protect your rights and seek legal assistance to ensure a favorable outcome in any settlement or lawsuit. Contact GJEL Accident Attorneys today for a free consultation to learn more about your legal options.

Common types of bicycle accident injuries?

Bicycle accidents can lead to a range of injuries, and it is essential for anyone involved in a collision to understand the different types of injuries that may result. Some of the most common types of bicycle accident injuries include head and neck injuries, broken bones, cuts and bruises, and road rash.

Head and neck injuries, such as concussions, skull fractures, and spinal cord injuries, can be life-threatening and are often sustained by cyclists who are not wearing helmets. These injuries can result in long-term disability or death and are a significant cause of personal injury lawsuits.

Broken bones, such as arm, leg, and rib fractures, are also a common result of bicycle accidents. These injuries can be extremely painful and may require surgery or other medical treatment.

Cuts and bruises are common injuries that are sustained in bicycle accidents, especially when a cyclist is thrown from their bike. These injuries can range from minor to severe, and some may require medical treatment.

Road rash is another common injury that results from bicycle accidents. This injury occurs when a cyclist’s skin is scraped against the pavement, causing open wounds and other types of skin damage. In some cases, road rash can be severe and require surgery or other medical treatment.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. A personal injury lawyer can also help you understand your rights and options for pursuing a settlement or lawsuit against the liable motorist.

Important facts about bicycle accident injuries in the United States

Bicycling has become a popular form of transportation and exercise, but it also brings with it some inherent risks, particularly when it comes to accidents involving motor vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2018 there were 857 bicyclists killed in traffic crashes in the United States, representing 2.2% of all traffic fatalities for the year. Additionally, 45,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic crashes in the same year. The majority of these accidents occurred in urban areas and took place in non-intersection locations. Furthermore, 69% of these fatalities occurred during the nighttime hours between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Unfortunately, 77% of the fatalities involved motor vehicles, highlighting the danger bicyclists face when sharing the road with larger and more powerful vehicles. As a result, it is important for all bicyclists to be aware of the potential risks and take precautions to protect themselves, as well as for motorists to be vigilant and watch for bicyclists on the road.

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Andy Gillin received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California at Berkeley and his law degree from the University of Chicago. He is the managing partner of GJEL Accident Attorneys and has written and lectured in the field of plaintiffs’ personal injury law for numerous organizations. Since 1972 he has been helping seriously injured victims throughout northern California fight & win their personal injury cases. Andy is one of the top awarded & recognized wrongful death lawyers in northern California.