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May 24 by Andy Gillin

Is lane splitting legal in California?

Many motorcyclists (and automobile) drivers ask whether or not lane splitting in California is legal. In our state, lane splitting is a highly contentious issue that is subject to many misperceptions. Unlike in the majority of U.S. states, lane splitting is legal in California and it has been for a long time. Still, lane splitting is highly misunderstood, by both drivers and bikers.

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Apr 26 by Andy Gillin

San Jose Alcohol Related Injuries Are Up

Compared to other population centers in California, the San Jose area appears to be doing well at limiting alcohol-involved injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol’s latest report on statewide traffic collisions. If alcohol-involved injuries were distributed evenly across the state, you’d expect Santa Clara County to have 787 of them. For 2013, the latest year on record, CHP reports 609 alcohol-involved injuries in the county.

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Mar 01 by Andy Gillin

How to claim a free cab ride on St. Patrick’s Day

Public festivities present a great opportunity for communities to come together and collectively turn the page after experiences like the flooding that forced evacuations in San Jose last month. Whether you enjoy eating green macaroni and cheese, running half marathons, or raising a toast to friends at an authentic Irish pub, there will be no shortage of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this month in San Jose.

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