If you’re in an accident, just because you now require treatment caused by someone else’s negligence, your insurance company, even if it’s a government insurance, still has to pay for your care. With Medicare for example, you do have to prove to them that if there’s any other type of insurance that might be available because of the accident–such as medical payments coverage in your auto policy–you have to use that up first and then Medicare will continue to pay for accident related treatment. However, with all companies both private and public, at the end of your case, provisions in their contract will affect the outcome and your net recovery. Let me explain that.

What happens is your private and public carrier will continue to pay for the costs of your accident related treatment, but the costs will add up to an amount that, at the end of your case, they will seek to recover. It’s called a claim for reimbursement or for Medicare, Medical or VA coverage it’s a statutory lien. In all those cases our firm works with both your private carrier or if it’s a government insurance such as Medicare or Medical to keep track of accident related charges, to make sure their list matches up with our list so you’re not getting charged for something that’s not related to the accident and then ultimately we will negotiate with those providers to try and reduce their claim in order to maximize your net recovery.