If there’s no police report your case becomes a little more complex than it otherwise would.

On the other hand, we handle lots of cases where there’s no police report. I would say 10-15 percent of our cases there’s no police report. Sometimes the reason is the accident happened on private property, sometimes the reason is the police officer didn’t realize there was a serious injury.

And, a corollary to that question is: what if I didn’t have an opportunity to give my statement because I was unconscious or I’d already been taken away in the ambulance at the time the police came. We deal with these issues quite a lot, we deal with these issues commonly. And if there’s no police report, what we do is we have our own investigator recreate what the police would have done. The investigator goes to the scene, takes photos, inspects your car–assuming it’s a car accident–inspects the other car, contacts all the witnesses…and as a general rule, we pretty much get what we want.