GJEL has handled many CRPS injury cases throughout California. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome cases can be hard to prove due to the sometimes difficult diagnosis. GJEL Accident Attorneys has handled many CRPS cases with a 99.9% success rate. Our experience in these cases has allowed us to achieve strong results including large settlements for our clients.

Many times insurance companies refuse to properly compensate victims who have been diagnosed with CRPS and that’s when you need a good law firm with a strong success rate on your side.

Recent Settlements and Verdicts for CRPS Injuries

Below are just some of the recent results GJEL Accident Attorneys have achieved for CRPS related injuries:

$3.55 Million Dollar CRPS Lawsuit Verdict after a Work Injury

In this case, GJEL helped a store manager of a Home Depot after a work-related injury. A display was changed that caused it to be extremely dangerous and create a fall risk on the store sales floor. When the manager went to move the display it fell on him causing a CRPS injury. The insurance company did not take full responsibility and a lawsuit was filed. Before the trial they finally settled for $3.55 Million Dollars.  You can read the full case summary here.

Reasons to hire a firm with CRPS Experience

Do you need to talk to an experienced CRPS attorney? Here is why you should contact GJEL if you think you might have a case as opposed to finding another personal injury lawyer.

  • These cases are complex. CRPS is hard to prove and as an Award Winning Law Firm, GJEL has the experience necessary to help you succeed.
  • We can get you what you deserve. Some attorneys will try to settle cases quickly and not maximize the case value. GJEL will work with you to maximize the value of your case.
  • Holding wrongdoers responsible since 1972. As one of California’s highest-rated personal injury law firms, GJEL can hold the wrongdoers responsible for their role in causing your injury.
  • Our Track Record. GJEL has maintained a 99.9% success rate throughout California

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident with a CRPS injury contact GJEL today for a free case evaluation.