fracture type car accidentBroken bones might seem like a minor injury. After all, injured motorists do not face imminent death because they have broken an arm or a leg.

Nevertheless, bone breaks are serious injuries that can require expensive medical treatment.

If you have suffered a broken bone in a car accident, you should consult with a California personal injury lawyer to discuss whether you can receive compensation.

Types of Bone Fractures

Bones can break in many different patterns, and doctors have classified the most common:

  • Hairline fracture. This is a tiny fracture that often heals on its own.
  • Transverse fracture. The bone break is perpendicular to the shaft.
  • Compound fracture. The broken bone pierces the skin, leaving both a bone break and a flesh wound. If a break does not pierce the skin, the break is called a “closed fracture.”
  • Comminuted fracture. The bone shatters into many different pieces.
  • Avulsion fracture. The bone breaks clear away from any tendons or ligaments, which usually are reattached with surgery.
  • Buckle fracture. The bone bends but does not break. Common in children whose bones are more flexible than those of adults.

Treating a broken bone can be very expensive. If your bone has shattered or has broken in a complex place, you might need a pin, screw, or plate inserted. Surgery carries its own risks, such as infection and problems with anesthesia. Your body might also be allergic to the material the pin, plate, or screw is made of, which might require additional rounds of surgery.

It is not unusual for surgery to cost over $15,000 for doctor’s fees and the cost of any implement like a plate. If you need additional time in the hospital to recover, then you can pay much more. Also, these amounts do not cover the cost of any lost wages if your broken bones prevent you from working which, depending on the patient, could be considerable.

Complications from Broken Bones 

Bones should heal if given enough time, but many complications can result. For example, if the bone is not set properly, then the bone might become deformed when it heals, resulting in pain, disfigurement, and problems with mobility. A doctor should take great care when setting the bone and check to make sure that it has healed properly.

Because compound fractures break the skin, they can become infected. Check for discolored skin, pus drainage, or increased sensitivity and pain. Your doctor might need to prescribe a treatment of antibiotics to beat back the infection.

Speak with a California Car Accident Lawyer

Injured motorists need financial compensation to cover the costs of their medical treatment and to replace lost wages. Unfortunately, at-fault drivers and their insurance carriers are not in the habit of making fair settlement offers, so you will need an experienced car accident lawyer in your corner from the start.

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