GJEL is a law firm that specializes in handling catastrophic injuries. As a catastrophic injury law firm, we handle cases where victims were seriously injured due to someone else’ negligence.

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GJEL may be able to help you recover expenses due to the injuries you experienced. Some of these expenses might include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages [Past and Future]
  • On Going Medical Treatment
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Work

Since the firm was started from humble roots in 1971 we have received over $950,000,000 for our clients in verdicts and settlements while maintaining a 99% success rate.

“We’re very careful about the number and the type of cases we take,” observed partner Andy Gillin. “Catastrophic Injury cases require extraordinary attention to detail. The only way to allow for that focus is to be extremely selective. Our discipline is to maintain a constant emphasis on quality over quantity.” – Andy Gillin

We love fighting for the little guy. A quote from Attorney Andy Gillin

“We still take pride in fighting for the little guy,” says partner Luke Ellis, noting that the firm’s partners began their careers in public service. The cases have gotten larger and more complex along the way, but that hasn’t changed the firm’s focus. The one-on-one relationship between attorney and client remains important to GJEL today.

GJEL limits its practice to personal injury and wrongful death cases. The attorneys take cases they believe in for people they care about. Each case that the firm selects is handled with extreme care and given the amount of time it needs and deserves. “We are certainly proud of the results we get, ” Gillin says. “But we are more proud of the relationships we have formed and the people we have helped through the years.”

Common Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is a life-changing event. It may have been caused through a car accident, scooter accident, slip, and fall, or anything else. We have helped seriously injured victims through these difficult times. Here are a few of the most common types of injuries we see from major accidents:

Below are just a few of the types of catastrophic injury cases we have handled for our clients.

Brain Damage Cases

At Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey, our catastrophic injury attorneys handle cases involving brain injuries and brain damage at all levels of severity.

Brain damage is often caused by an impact to the head, and it may include subsequent complications due to lack of oxygen, and rising pressure or swelling in the brain. Unfortunately, brain damage, particularly when it involves a “closed head” impact, often goes undiagnosed in emergency rooms. In many cases, a person with a closed head brain injury may not even realize at first that they have been injured. A victim of a traumatic brain injury may undergo changes in disposition, be unable to concentrate, have memory problems, loss of vision, or suffer from hearing loss or deafness.

Appropriate treatment of a brain injury can involve diagnostic testing, medications, rehabilitation and even surgery. As with any serious injury, an extensive team of caregivers may be necessary. It is not uncommon for an injured individual to see a neurologist, neurosurgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, vocational specialist, and numerous therapists.

All levels of brain injury can cause physical, emotional, social, and job-related changes in your life. Recovery can be a continuous process of adjustment and accommodation for an injured person and his or her family members.

Amputation Injuries

Amputation can range from the loss of a fingertip to the loss of an arm or a leg. Loss of a limb frequently results in significant blood loss, shock, infection, and even death.

An amputation injury often causes a reaction of grieving or depression in the victim, and almost always results in some level of negative emotional impact. Our attorneys always make sure our clients and their families find the support they need during the extremely difficult period of adjustment or for as long as they need it. We have an extensive network of professionals throughout California who can help make sure that you have the resources you need to deal with all the effects of your injuries and loss.

If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation as the result of an accident, seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis, which can include paraplegia or quadriplegia, is the loss of strength or mobility in a part of the body.

The extent of the paralysis depends upon the severity and the location of the injury. Paralysis and loss of sensation may be partial or total, temporary or permanent. If function and mobility are not regained within several months after the injury, the loss is more likely to be permanent.

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Any injury that damages the spinal cord or nerve pathways in the spinal cord can cause permanent loss.
People who are weak or paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury are also at risk of developing other problems, such as bedsores, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia.

We Are An Award Winning Catastrophic Injury Law Firm

GJEL Accident Attorneys was just rated a top catastrophic Injury law firm by Best Lawyers for 2021 and 2022. We have also recovered over $950 million dollars with a 99% success rate for victims who experienced catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of someone else.

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