GJEL Accident Attorneys is a law firm that specializes in serious injury and wrongful death cases. Since 1972 we have handled many complex wrongful death cases in Oakland and surrounding areas.

GJEL has been rated one of the best Oakland Wrongful Death Lawyers by Best Lawyers in 2019.

If you’re looking to hire a personal injury lawyer for a potential wrongful death case, you should explore your options. This decision will have a lifelong impact on your life. Here are some questions to ask when hiring an attorney.

  • What is your firm’s success rate? GJEL has maintained a 99% success rate for our clients since 1972.
  • How many wrongful death cases have you handled? GJEL has handled hundreds of complex wrongful death cases.
  • Do you have the resources to take my case through trial? GJEL has substantial resources available to properly fund your case.
  • How much have you recovered in verdicts in settlements? We have recovered over $1 Billion Dollars for our clients
  • Has your firm won any awards? We regularly earn awards and were recently rated a top law firm by US News & World Report.
  • Does your firm only take personal injury cases? GJEL only takes personal injury cases.
  • What do you past clients have to say? We have hundreds of happy past clients. Read our reviews here.
  • Is your firm easy to work with? We make the process as simple as we can. When you work with us you will get personal attention and we are only ever one phone call away.

GJEL Accident Attorneys has substantial experience handling wrongful death cases throughout California. Our staff is friendly, attentive, and available to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Reasons To Hire a Local Wrongful Death Lawyer

If someone you love was killed due to someone else’s negligence you may need to hire an experienced serious injury and wrongful death attorney. Here are a few of the reasons you should hire a local Oakland, California wrongful death law firm.

  • Courts differ from county to county. Depending on where the accident happened you want to hire an attorney with experience in your local courts. Different demographics can make up different juries and having a law firm on your side with a successful track record in the area can really make or break your case. We’re experts in handling cases in and around Alameda County.
  • Experience Counts. When you retain a firm like GJEL Accident Attorneys you can rest assured knowing that we have recovered millions of dollars in cases for clients killed in Oakland wrongful death accidents. We know how to successfully take a case to trial and win. While we can’t guarantee any results or future outcomes of cases, we do have many strong results with a 99% success rate.
  • Case Details are Important. By working with attorneys who are residents to the Oakland area you get the experience of someone who knows the area well. Many times the success of a case comes down to the small details. Working with an experienced attorney in your area can make all of the difference between winning and losing a personal injury case.
  • We will come to you. Whether you need to meet with us at Oakland medical center, another hospital, or your home, we will come to you. We know that losing a loved one is the most traumatic time in your life. We will work with you to help make the process as smooth as we can. There’s no need to stop by our office. We’re standing by day and night ready to help you.

Commonly Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions our office gets in regards to wrongful death cases in California. Read our full list of personal injury FAQ’s here.

Are personal injury lawyers contingency fee lawyers?

Yes, law firms like GJEL are contingency fee attorneys. This means that we do not get paid unless and until we win your case for you.

This is important for personal injury cases because they can get very expensive to take to trial. Since we can front the cost of the case you can rest assured knowing you have our full legal team and our assets available to help you win your case.

What are the fees for hiring a wrongful death lawyer?

In California, it’s common to find personal injury attorneys who charge 30-50% of the settlement. You can read more about contingency fee attorneys here.

Who is the best wrongful death attorney in Oakland?

The answer to this is subjective, but our firm is a highly rated firm with awards from organizations such as US News & World Report, Superlawyers, Martindale Hubbell, and Avvo.

We have won some of the most prestigious personal injury law firm awards available to attorneys nationwide.

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