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When Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Many of California’s personal injury claims stem from car accidents. When you’re hit by another driver and suffer injuries, you need to hire an attorney. Dealing with the car insurance company on your own is a long and frustrating process. A car accident lawyer will step in and handle everything on your behalf. This lets you focus on recovering from your injuries rather than stress over the outcome of your insurance claim.

In minor accidents, you may not need an attorney at all. However, at GJEL, consultations are always free – so it may well be worth having your case reviewed. Seemingly minor injuries can worsen over time, leaving you with no recourse if you accept a settlement immediately after the accident. This makes treatment after an accident extremely important, don’t avoid the doctor because you think a minor injury will get better in short time.

It is important to remember that discussing the facts of your case with other driver’s insurance company can be a mistake. Their goal is to pay you as little as possible for the accident, and they will deny your claim if at all possible. Discuss the details of the accident with the police at the scene, your insurance company, and your attorney.

The best person to tell you whether or not your case warrants legal representation is a lawyer. When you come to GJEL for a consultation, we will listen to the facts and tell you the course of action that in your best interests – whether that means hiring us or not.

California Car Accident Guide

Dealing with a car accident and the aftermath is easier if you know the proper steps to take. We’ve created an easy to understand car accident guide that you can download and read for free. It’s an excellent resource to read so you’re prepared if an accident ever happens to you, or to review after a collision.

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GJEL has been helping personal injury victims in the San Jose and Santa Clara County area for over 40 years. With the GJEL team you’re in a good hands as they have helped thousands of accident victims and have a success rate over 99%.

We feel honored that we have been able to recover over $900 Million Dollars for personal injury victims and their families.