PLAINTIFF ATTORNEY: Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis and Larsen, Orinda, by Luke Ellis and Andrew R. Gillin


Plaintiff, a 21-year-old untrained construction helper, was injured while she was standing on a platform which was ten feet off the ground. Plaintiff stepped off the end of the platform where several feet of decking were missing. The plaintiff was paralyzed, diagnosed with C-6 quadriplegia.

Plaintiff contended that defendant companies maintained the decking in a defective and dangerous condition in that the deck was shortened and missing several feet of planking.

Defendants contended that plaintiff was not wearing fall protection equipment; that she was inattentive and comparatively at fault; and that she was an untrained helper who was specifically told not to be on the decking.

INJURIES: C-6 quadriplegia.

SPECIALS: Not reported.

RESULT: The case settled before trial for $6,975,000.00 cash.