If your spouse or loved one was killed in an accident due to someone else’s negligence you may be entitled to a wrongful death settlement based on California Law.

Typically in a wrongful death case, our law firm will go after the wrongdoer’s insurance company and sue them in court. The problem with many California wrongful death cases is that insurance companies typically try to deny full responsibility. This means that they can offer a low ball number that does not represent the lifetime earnings of the victim or pain and suffering for your loss.

With all of these factors, wrongful death cases can be very complex. That’s why it’s important to speak to an attorney right away if your loved one was killed. Typical wrongful death cases come from incidents where a loved one was killed at work, at a work function, in a car accident, or due to unsafe conditions.

How Long Does A Wrongful Death Case Typically Take?

An effective wrongful death lawsuit can take some time. It’s essential that enough time is allotted to conduct a thorough investigation to understand all of the facts of the case including the responsible parties.

In some cases, the liability can be clear-cut. For example, if a FedEx truck driver was intoxicated and hit another car causing a death, it might be easier to assign liability to the responsible party.

Other cases require more evidence though. One example of this would be a fatal slip and fall accident due to unsafe conditions at a grocery store. In this case, we may need to interview more witnesses, get security footage, and research records on past incidents.

But even then, the insurance company that’s responsible to pay for the damages may not offer a reasonable settlement for the damages.

Some Cases May Take Longer

Cases that require in-depth investigations and accident reconstruction work will take longer. In these cases, we may also need to bring in an expert witness to testify about the dangers that caused the accident.

These cases typically go to a jury trial and the entire process can last from 1-2 years on average. If insurance companies don’t offer the full amount of the policy they can open the limit of the policy up and a jury can decide how much compensation you should receive.

In our experience, most wrongful death cases go to trial because insurance companies offer unfair settlements or try to get you to settle quickly.

Every Wrongful Death Case is Different

Every case we have handles for the past 40 years has been different and complex in its own way. That’s one reason why it’s essential to talk to an experienced wrongful death lawyer if you think you might have a claim.

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