In most personal injury settlements, the case closes once settled, and future medical bills are your responsibility.

Settlements typically account for anticipated future medical expenses.  However, there are exceptions:

  • Negotiated exceptions: In some cases, your attorney might negotiate a clause allowing additional compensation for unforeseen medical needs.
  • Existing medical insurance: Your health insurance can still cover future medical costs related to the accident.

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  • How settlements handle future medical expenses.
  • Potential exceptions for keeping the case open.
  • The role of medical insurance after a settlement

Typically, personal injury settlements or verdicts include anticipated future medical expenses, but there are exceptions where further negotiation might be possible, and existing medical insurance can provide additional coverage.

As a general rule, whether you have us get you a settlement from the insurance company or whether we get you a verdict from the insurance company, that settlement or verdict includes the future medical bills that are anticipated. Therefore, you are not going to have it left open for future medical bills because they will have been included in your settlement.

However, there are exceptions, and there are clients for whom I’ve been able to negotiate this. Additionally, if you have medical insurance and you’re back at work you’re always going to be able to use your medical insurance in the future so that you’re not going to need another source of compensation to cover your future bills.

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Written by Andy Gillin. Last Updated 04/15/2024