Nov 09 by jason

Big-rig collision

$7.5 million recovered in trial for a family involved in a big-rig accident in the Central Valley.

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Sep 04 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Identifying proper defendants in California truck accident cases

Ascertaining the identity of potentially responsible defendants in a commercial trucking accident case can be challenging. Particularly in cases where the truck involved in the accident might be underinsured in light of the injuries and damages that occurred to Plaintiffs, identifying all responsible defendants is of the utmost importance. In the trucking industry, independent contractors…

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Jul 15 by GJEL

Fatal San Francisco Big Rig Accident Raises Octavia Blvd Safety Questions

Yesterday morning, a big rig truck collided with a UCSF shuttle van, killing 52 year-old Dr. Kevin Mack and injuring three other passengers. The accident occurred on Octavia Boulevard, which has been considered an accident hotspot for the past half decade after the Central Freeway ramp opened in 2006. The police are investigating the details of this fatal accident, and city officials have vowed to take a closer look at Octavia’s safety record and potential safety improvements.

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