Sep 10 by guestauthor

Texting While Driving: It’s Worse Than You Think

We all intuitively understand that texting while driving is dangerous – but a look at the statistics shows just how frighteningly dangerous (and pervasive) texting while driving is. According to various governmental and insurance industry studies, texting while driving accounts for 25% of all car accidents. Translated differently: that’s 1.6 million crashes, and 330,000 injuries….

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May 07 by rebecca

New studies reiterate texting while driving is unsafe

Recently released studies have confirmed what we already know, but too often ignore: texting and driving is not a safe combination. Even though you’re 23 times more likely to be involved in a car crash if you’re operating your cell phone while driving, many motorists still try to sneak out a text or two while…

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Sep 19 by jason

What can employers do to prevent distracted driving?

In the six states where texting and driving is still legal, employers are being placed in the unenviable position of having to discourage those driving on their behalf from engaging in potentially dangerous behavior. Now, businesses are starting to take initiative by implementing policies that prohibit distracted driving. Office Depot (based in Boca Raton) was…

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Aug 14 by jason

Should SF Police set up distracted driving stings?

Texting and driving is against the law, but enforcing distracted driving laws is easier said than done. Last week in Fargo, North Dakota, police setup a sting operation designed to catch motorists breaking the state’s ban on texting while behind the wheel. Over the course of the two day sting, Fargo police issued a total…

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Apr 16 by jason

Pair of celebs set poor example when it comes to distracted driving

Celebrities Amanda Bynes and Lisa Lampanelli both made headlines over the past couple days with reports surfacing they’d each been guilty of distracted driving. While Celebrity Apprentice and frequent Comedy Central roast participant Lisa Lampanelli was quick to joke about her offense with In Touch Weekly, Amanda Bynes’ incident seems far more serious. Bynes, the…

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