Mar 25 by jason

Social media tips for personal injury plaintiffs

Everything that’s posted on social media is considered public, and even the most well meaning remarks about a personal injury claim could potentially be used against a plaintiff by the defense. For this reason, we’ve assembled the following social media guidelines for personal injury plaintiffs currently involved in litigation.

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Apr 20 by jason

Cause Marketing Case Study: Walk to Work Day

Friday, April 6th was the 8th Annual Walk to Work Day and GJEL partnered with pedestrian activist group Walk SF to promote the event and bring attention to pedestrian safety throughout the Bay Area. Campaign Goal: The goal of the campaign was to not only encourage people to commute on foot, but also get them…

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Feb 15 by jason

The Top 5 Examples of Distracted Driving

5 Causes of Distracted Driving According to a 2009 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (PDF link), one out of every five car crashes causing an injury involved some element of distracted driving, and 16% of all fatal automobile accidents also involved distracted driving. Statistics show that taking your eyes off the road…

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Jan 20 by jason

Winter Holiday Charity Contest Case Study

Winter Holiday Charity Contest Case Study For most companies, the end of the year is a time to give. Holiday season coincides with fiscal deadlines…encouraging tax-deductible giving to non-profits and charities. But just because a firm gives to charity, doesn’t mean that the altruistic gesture can’t benefit both parties. In the winter of 2011, we…

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May 24 by GJEL

California Motorcycle Events Calendar – Summer

Motorcycle safety and ride enjoyment are often challenged by bad weather. Though all drivers are impacted by slick roads during rainy and snowy months, motorcyclists have it even worse, since they are not shielded by a metal and glass frame. So the summer months are especially important for motorcyclists, both in terms of motorcycle safety and the ability to take long rides uninterrupted by unsavory weather. And thanks to California’s beautiful coastline and forests, California motorcyclists are extra privileged. We’ve compiled a calendar of some of the month’s major California motorcycle events in June, July and August.

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May 17 by GJEL

Map of California DMV Offices

Safe driving behavior begins at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Teen drivers are tested by their local DMV before receiving their license, and all drivers must go through the DMV to renew their license or ask other important questions. California has made sure that residents don’t need to travel far to access DMV services. To help make this even easier, we’ve put together an interactive map of the DMV offices throughout California. Click the DMV office near you for its address and phone number.

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Jan 11 by GJEL

California Motor Caution Calendar

Fresh into the new year, it is common to make resolutions about attitudes or actions you would like to change this time around. These commonly relate to weight loss, financial responsibility, or interactions with family and friends. This year, we’d like to ask you to consider an additional resolution: to be safer on city streets to prevent car accidents. To keep track of dangerous driving days and safety-related events, we’ve created a calendar of motor caution days, complete with days and weekends that are often riddled with car accidents, and holidays and events related to bike and car safety for teens and parents.

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Oct 11 by GJEL

Bicycling Safety Laws Across the Nation

Over the past decade, bicycling has undergone a significant revival. Hoping to decrease their carbon footprint, unclog city streets, and get a little extra exercise, commuters have turned to their bicycles in droves as a preferred method of getting to work. But state laws have not always kept up with the gradual shift away from motor vehicle dominance. Since the roads were developed with cars in mind, laws aren’t automatically sensitive to the safety of cyclists. With this in mind, we compiled a list of notable bike laws in each of the 50 states and the District of Colombia.

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Jun 02 by GJEL

“Car Accident 101” Webinar with

GJEL Accident Attorneys Managing Partner Andy Gillin was recently invited by Avvo, a free, comprehensive legal website for consumers and lawyers, to host a live webinar “Car Accident 101,” to offer legal insight to drivers and passengers involved in vehicular accidents. You can click “play” on the video at the left to view the webinar in its entirety, or simply read the transcript here. Andy is always happy to answer any additional questions, free of charge, at 866-218-3776.

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May 30 by Ben

Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract

This contract is intended to help initiate conversation about roadway safety, especially for teen drivers and their passengers. The agreement covers six areas pertaining to distracted driving, driving under the influence, driving a vehicle with minors, speeding and other rules of the road, and auto accidents. Each section includes specific pledges to prompt family discussion, and we suggest parents and teens sign to seal the agreement.

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