Jun 30 by Andy Gillin

Portland Cracks Down on Distracted Drivers

As distracted driving continues to become more taboo, cities and states across the country have enacted laws against the dangerous practice that leads to about 6,000 deaths each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In early 2010, for example, the state of Oregon joined safety minded states like California in implementing a hands-free distracted driving law. But 18 months later, Oregonians continue to drive distracted, which has led the Portland Police Department, led by Mayor Sam Adams, to increase regulation with the state’s first regular police patrols for distracted drivers.

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Feb 08 by Andy Gillin

Driver Convicted in Portland Bus Accident Lawsuit

Fired Trimet driver Sandi Day was found guilty last week on three counts including careless driving that led to the death of two pedestrians and serious injury of three others last April. Announcing the conviction, Judge Stephen Bushong said he felt sympathy for Day, who has expressed severe remorse for the bus accident, but that she was at fault since “the pedestrians were there to be seen.”

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Dec 10 by Andy Gillin

Portland Wrongful Death Victims Launch $30 Million Lawsuit For Bus Accident

Back in April, one of Portland’s TriMet busses struck five pedestrians while turning left onto a busy street. Danielle Sale, 22, and Jenee Hammel, 26, were both killed. Families for the two victims in addition to Robert Gittings, who was seriously injured by the accident, have launched a lawsuit against Portland’s public transportation system, the driver of the bus (who has since been fired), and the bus manufacturer totaling $30 million.

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May 05 by Andy Gillin

Left-Turn Accidents ‘Alarmingly Common’ for Portland’s TriMet Busses

For pedestrians, getting hit by a bus is one of the worst thoughts imaginable. We’ve written before about Muni accidents here in San Francisco. But right now, due to a string of bus-caused injuries and fatalities, Portland’s TriMet bus system is under the radar of safety advocates. The Oregonian reports this week that, although left-turn accidents are “alarmingly common,” the system is resisting a “no-left” policy.

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