Jan 12 by jason

The perils of driving in Los Angeles rain

Los Angeles is famous for freaking out when it rains. Recently, Noah Deneau, an electrical engineer from Austin, Texas, graphically illustrated the effect of rain on the rate of traffic crashes in Los Angeles. The results provide a telling snapshot of the perils of driving (and walking and biking) when it’s raining in LA. Deneau…

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Apr 14 by Ben

Rain Storms Cause Tragic Accidents Across California

When it was announced that this year would be an El Nino winter in California, skiiers and rain enthusiasts rejoiced. And although there was certainly more precepitation this year than in the past — a recent survey showed this years snow pack to be 106% previous totals — 2010 did not quite reverse the region’s drought, caused by a string of below-average precipitation years.

But if the rainy season is almost over, you wouldn’t know it in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, which have been drenched by pounding rain since late last week. This relentless rain is far from harmless, and led to two tragic auto accidents early this week.

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