May 16 by Andy Gillin

5 Great California Bicycle Safety Plans

There’s no doubt that National Bike Month has been a resounding success here in California. The extended May cycle-centric holiday has lead to major safety campaigns statewide. But the preparation for last week’s Bike to Work Day has been the month’s crowning achievement, as Streetsblog reports that the day of events was preceded by unprecedented growth in California bicycle infrastructure. This is a great start, and bike safety advocates are not likely to stop there. Below are five great ideas to improve bicycle safety laws and infrastructure moving forward.

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May 11 by Andy Gillin

Bike to Work Day Events in San Francisco, East Bay, San Jose & Contra Costa County

May is National Bike Month, which means that bicycle advocates and lawmakers throughout California are boosting efforts to increase bike ridership and improve bicycle safety. Thursday May 12 marks one of the month’s most celebrated events, Bike to Work Day, and cities across the state are gearing up for it with major events designed to help make roads bike friendly and encourage businesses to promote cycling. We’ve compiled a list of Bike to Work events in San Francisco, the East Bay, San Jose, and Contra Costa County.

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May 09 by Andy Gillin

5 Great Bicycle Safety Technologies for National Bike Month

Cars seem destined for distracted driving. Though it’s essential to pay attention to the road and traffic signs, most cars come equipped with a navigation screen, complicated control panel, or at the very least, a radio. So driver safety technology has a lot to compete with. But the matter is different for bicyclists, who aren’t protected by a metal and glass shield and must always be aware of their surroundings. But that doesn’t mean technology can’t help reduce bicycle accident injuries. In honor of National Bike Month we’ve compiled a list of five of the most interesting technologies designed to improve bicycle safety. Take a look, and let us know of others in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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May 05 by Andy Gillin

California Bike to Work Day Benefits San Francisco’s Market Street

San Francisco is getting serious about reducing bicycle accidents. The upsurge in bicycle and pedestrian fatalities in past months has lead the city’s Municipal Transportation Authority to improve safety measures, particularly for bicyclists. Last month, for example, San Francisco began installing bicycle-only “green boxes” on high-traffic streets throughout the city. Now, as National Bike Month heats up, the MTA is rushing to install additional green boxes in time for next Thursday’s Bike to Work Day.

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May 04 by Andy Gillin

National Bike Month Supporters Get Serious on Sacramento Bicycle Accidents

Both here in California and nationwide, residents and lawmakers are boosting bicycle safety awareness during May, National Bike Month. Many of these initiatives take aim at helping children learn safe bicycle behavior, but others also focus on getting adults back on their bicycles, and re-learning practices that can reduce serious bicycle injuries. On Monday, Sacramento officials and bike advocates teamed up with the Mercy San Juan Medical Center to promote May is Bike Month and reduce California bicycle accidents.

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