Jul 20 by Andy Gillin

Report: Volvo Technology Reduces Low Speed Car Accidents

How great would it be to drive to work without having to think about accidental low-speed car accidents? For years now, car companies have been researching collision avoidance systems, which use technology to alert the driver when a collision is possible. Volvo’s XC60 SUV forward collision warning system has received the most attention, and a recent report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicated that the warning system could lead to a significant reduction in car accidents. But is this a new example of dangerous distracted driving technology?

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Apr 01 by Andy Gillin

Distracted Driving Awareness Month Ignites Driver Safety Debate

As April and Distracted Driving Awareness Month rolls around, you can expect safety advocates and lawmakers to discuss the many dangers of distracted driving. But despite reports that distracted driving kills nearly 6,000 people and injures about 500,000 each year, some have said the impact of distracted driving on highway safety has been exaggerated. So in addition to information about technological solutions to car distractions and a star-studded awareness campaign, expect Distracted Driving Awareness Month to reignite the debate about whether or not we need to eliminate the dangerous practice.

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Feb 03 by Andy Gillin

Report: Red Light Cameras Reduce Fatal Car Accidents

You know those annoying cameras that catch you accelerating through the end of a yellow light and send you a fat bill? In addition to eating a portion of your paycheck, a recent report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that these red-light cameras save lives. In fact, the report found that the cameras, newly installed in 14 cities between 2004 and 2008, saved about 160 lives that would have been otherwise lost. And if the cameras had been implemented in all major American cities, 815 lives could have been saved.

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