Jul 21 by GJEL

7 Massive Class Action Lawsuits of the Past Two Decades

It has been a big year for class action lawsuits. Most recently, thousands of Toyota drivers have sued the Japanese auto giant for injuries and loss of investment resulting from unintended acceleration, and victims of the BP Gulf oil spill disaster are lining up to take on the British oil conglomerate in court. Both of those budding class action battles pale in comparison to the legal storm about to engulf WalMart, which is being sued for gender discrimination by more than a million women in potentially the largest class action suit ever. To put this in perspective, we decided to round up a list of other massive class action titans over the past two decades.

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May 24 by GJEL Staff

4 Powerful Legal Documentary Films

People who follow the news in the United States are not strangers to disturbing legal stories that often dominate the headlines. From the Casey Anthony trial that concluded last month, to the Scott Peterson verdict years before, and even the controversial O.J. Simpson murder case nearly 20 years ago, it’s often difficult to avoid the day’s most followed legal stories. But there are thousands of legal stories that go unnoticed each year by much of the general public, or are nearly forgotten years later. In the four following examples, documentary film makers have exposed and revitalized those stories to create powerful documentary films discussing a variety of troubling legal issues. We’ve compiled the trailers for the films Hot Coffee, Capturing the Friedmans, Deliver Us From Evil, and Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father, along with short descriptions and reviews.

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Nov 12 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Seeking punitive damages in California drunk driving accident cases

In motor vehicle personal injury or wrongful death cases where the responsible driver was allegedly intoxicated, the injured plaintiff may want to consider seeking an award of punitive (or exemplary) damages against that driver. While the defendant’s insurer bears no obligation to pay such damages, sometimes the presence of such a claim can create a…

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Dec 04 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Public access to court records vs. litigant privacy: leveling the playing field

Pursuant to Rule of Court 2.550(c) and its predecessor, California court records have long been “presumed to be open” to the public, absent exceptions for confidentiality required by law. But even ten or fifteen years ago, accessing civil court records in California and elsewhere was an arduous task. It took a great deal of effort…

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Jan 30 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Exploring a Motion to Seal Records in California

Almost two months after a jury verdict finding a public entity liable for decedent’s wrongful death, counsel for both sides finally agreed at a post-trial mediation, tentatively, to settle the matter; but they faced a unique dilemma. The jury had awarded a substantial verdict for the plaintiff at trial. Yet there remained significant risks facing…

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Oct 05 by jason

Motorist strikes cyclist, threatens to sue for damage to vehicle

The battle between cars and bikes rages on, as the insurance company of a New Zealand motorist attempted to sue a cyclist for vehicle damage occurring after the driver struck the cyclist while making a u-turn. Following a November collision in which Auckland engineer Oisin Frost was hit by a motorist while cycling, the at-fault…

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Jul 06 by jason

What Strava’s pending lawsuit could mean for the company and its users

Strava is currently being sued by the family of a 41-year-old engineer from Oakland, CA who died two years ago while trying to better a ‘King of the Mountains’ record. At the time of his death, William ‘Kim’ Flint was riding a segment in Berkeley’s Tilden Park at 10 miles per hour over the road’s…

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