Jul 28 by GJEL

Liquid Pipe Mistakes Could Cause Future California Pipeline Explosions

Last September, a PG&E pipeline explosion in San Bruno killed eight and left many more injured. Five years earlier, a Walnut Creek blast killed five workers and led to about 20 Contra Costa County lawsuits. GJEL partners Luke Ellis and Jim Larsen helped the family of Tae Chin Lm, a victim of the Walnut Creek pipeline explosion, recover $10.65 million. But in a report this week for the San Jose Mercury News, Ellis expresses concerns that California could see another tragic blast due to the location of dangerous liquid pipes. “There are a lot of lines where people don’t know they are near their schools or homes or hospitals,” he said. “You hit one of these things and you can have a catastrophic event.”

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Apr 14 by Ben

Rain Storms Cause Tragic Accidents Across California

When it was announced that this year would be an El Nino winter in California, skiiers and rain enthusiasts rejoiced. And although there was certainly more precepitation this year than in the past — a recent survey showed this years snow pack to be 106% previous totals — 2010 did not quite reverse the region’s drought, caused by a string of below-average precipitation years.

But if the rainy season is almost over, you wouldn’t know it in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, which have been drenched by pounding rain since late last week. This relentless rain is far from harmless, and led to two tragic auto accidents early this week.

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